Want to be a Good Parent? Stop Giving In, Says Pediatrician

Aaron ClinicChild won’t stop crying? To one pediatrician, it’s better for them – and for you – to let them keep crying.

“Too many parents today are ‘crystoppers,’ or parents who make important decisions regarding their child’s care, health and well being based solely on their desire to make their child happy and appease them immediately,” says Y. Aaron Kaweblum, MD, FAAP. “As a result, parents are creating an unhealthy relationship with their child – which leads to children today being misbehaved, obese and socially incapable of adapting to the demands of the adult world.”

Based on his practice and research as a pediatrician for more than 30 years, Dr. Kaweblum has seen firsthand what happens when parents regularly give their children what they want when they cry. He wrote Crystoppers: A Play by Play Guide for Wise Parenting to educate parents on the importance of parenting correctly from day one.

“From the first few weeks of life until adulthood, it is the parents’ responsibility to create a healthful environment for their child,” Dr. Kaweblum says. “Crystoppers offers a practical guide to assist parents in making wise, well-informed and healthful decisions for their children.”

Crystoppers focuses on three spheres of total parenting control: nocturnal sleeping, behavioral / temperamental and nutritional. His bottom line for parents is through three main philosophies:

  • If something is bad for your child, don’t do it.
  • If something is good for your child, do it.
  • Never say, “I will try.”

“If parents learn to value and understand a child’s intelligence and capabilities from birth, they will begin to expect more from their children and, with the proper reinforcement, their children will expect more from themselves,” Kaweblum says.

For more information, visit www.kaweblum.com

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