Waiting for Answers in an Impatient World

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.49.15 PMNew book explores human relationships with faith

No one is perfect, even those with a background in ministry.

R. L. Keller, an everyday Christian with experience as a youth pastor, has been through his share of uphill battles: divorce, death of family members, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, etc.

To relate to his readers and let them know mistakes are part of being human, Keller writes, There Are No McDonald’s in Heaven: Waiting on God, seeking to encourage, edify, instruct and at times admonish fellow believers with his take on the important issue of waiting on God.

“Waiting for anything can be arduous at best: waiting in line at the store, waiting at a light, waiting at the gas pump; it can literally drive you mad,” Keller says. “Waiting on God can be no different. In my book I share the Biblical characteristics I believe it takes to successfully wait on God to move on our behalf or answer our prayers.”

Keller is careful not to preach but rather speak to his audience as a layperson, hoping to convey his ideas about faith, trust, patience and perseverance. There Are No McDonald’s in Heaven covers topics like the importance of spending time with the Bible, finding hope in impossible situations, and learning from one another’s life mistakes.

Through the book, Keller has one ultimate goal: To remind readers that there is more to life than just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ : there is ‘not yet.’

“Once we learn our lessons regarding faith, trust, hope, patience, perseverance and so on, we will make wise choices and all this will spill over into our waiting on God,” Keller says. “If there is no answer forthcoming, we will understand and even that will be alright.”

There Are No McDonald’s In Heaven: Waiting on God, by R. L. Keller

Hardcover, $28.95
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ISBN: 978-1449756703

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R. L. Keller has a background in broadcasting, writing and youth ministry. He was a professional purchaser with inspection experience for more than 25 years. Keller currently resides in Middletown, N.J., where his focus is now on helping others grow in their faith.


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