Tried-And-True Nutrients Shine in Sea Buckthorn: The New Superfruit

Dr. Oz Recommends This Berry Packed with Vitamins and Antioxidants

By James Liu

Trying to get your kids to eat right is never an easy task. They catch sight of that green vegetable coming their way and it always seems to send them into a panic. How can parents encourage their kids to eat healthy if they won’t go anywhere near the proper foods? The answer is as simple as the question is tricky: a modest orange berry called sea buckthorn. No less than Dr. Oz has championed sea buckthorn as a super-food on his popular show.

What is Sea Buckthorn?

Sea buckthorn, grown in the Himalayan Mountains, has been used as a health aid in Asia for 2,000-plus years. The berry was deemed the national drink during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It was also used on skin to treat burn victims at Chernobyl. The berry has gone on to be hailed as a weight-loss supplement and more.  One may ask: “What does any of that have to do with my kids?” That’s where the “and more” comes in. The same thought process that went into the aforementioned uses of the sea buckthorn berry can now be applied to improving a child’s diet and overall health. That’s because, as you can see, the berry promotes total body wellness, plus it’s a natural product that’s now sold in almost every health food store across the country.

On-the-Go Parent

The most beautiful thing about sea buckthorn is its convenience. Today’s parents are an on-the-go, multi-tasking force that have little time to fuss with several doses per day of supplements or miracle cleansing treatments that require week-long dedication. Sea buckthorn fits perfectly into this lifestyle because it’s as simple as drinking a glass of water; you can help take care of your kids – and yourself – with minimal effort.

Running around all day leaves your child drained of the essential vitamins and minerals he or she needs to support growth. Unless a parent can prepare a well-balanced meal, day after day, one may find themselves at a loss of time to supplement their child’s diet. Sea buckthorn is one of those rare natural supplements that are rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamin E, the rare Omega 7, vitamin C and 190 other bioactive nutrients. This means your children can get just about everything they need from one soft gel a day or a few drops added to some orange juice.

Really? Just One?

Sea buckthorn has been shown to improve a variety of issues, including acne. Every parent knows that their teenager will at some point reach the awkward age where they are plagued by pimples. All well-meaning parents want to help this embarrassing situation, and sea buckthorn provides an easy, effective solution that doesn’t require a prescription.

Sea buckthorn is, as noted, full of nutrients and vitamins, but specifically Omega 7. Omega 7 is a fatty acid that performs various functions within the body and is difficult to find naturally. Omega 7 will target the skin cells called fibroblasts that produce collagen and reduce the amount of arachidonic acid. This specific type of acid creates hormones which may trigger false alarms of the body’s defense system and produce redness, irritation, and drying in the skin. Through this process, Omega 7 will clear the skin continuously in order to sustain a healthy, blemish-free glow so your child can focus on his or her homework rather than worry about being ostracized by classmates.

Weight Gain, a Thing of the Past

Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. The prevalence of obesity among children aged six to eleven years increased from 6.5% in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008. The best way to avoid this is a healthy and balanced diet. Though there are still causes genetically that a simple diet and exercise regime will not fix, sea buckthorn can help with this issue. If a child gets a head start on knowing how to deal with his or her weight issues, they can take what they learn early in life and apply it to their future actions.

Sea buckthorn works on a hormonal level within the body to help with weight loss. According to Dr. Oz, the berry “signals the body to stop storing unnecessary fat.” By doing this, the berry has been shown to actually curb hunger and promote weight loss. A healthy diet is still very important as far as supporting healthy growth in any child, but sea buckthorn can complement a smart diet because it contains the highest amount of natural Omega 7 of any plant in the world.

Extra Protection Against Free Radicals

Environmental pollution including poisonous pesticides, electrical radiation from numerous sources including TV and computers has caused serious alarms worldwide. Kids are spending more time in front of a TV or a computer than ever before.  The rich contents of antioxidants in sea buckthorn are reported to provide effective protection against free radicals, UV rays, and much more.

Brain Health

Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely important in the development and proper maintenance of the brain. Superfoods Rx authors Steven G. Pratt and Kathy Matthews note that “some scientists even suggest that it was the ingestion of Omega 3 that allowed the brain to evolve to the next stage in human development”.  Brain development in young children is especially crucial.  Sea buckthorn seed oil contains very high levels of both Omega 3 and 6 in an almost perfect 1:1 ratio, ideal for increasing brain health.  It also contains the rare Omega 7.

A Parent’s Soothing Remedy

Young children are prone to accidents; it is a fact of life. Whether it is rug burn from roughhousing or falling off a bike, bumps and bruises are inevitable. Although sea buckthorn can’t stop kids from hurting themselves, it can help in the aftermath. Scarring on skinned knees and elbows is never something a parent wants for their child, and sea buckthorn can minimize these unsightly markers of life. And, it should be noted, sea buckthorn can also help reduce the visible effects of chicken pox.

Sea Buckthorn and Moms

Children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from sea buckthorn; adults can, too.  Not only has sea buckthorn been proven to help with acne, but it’s also known to smooth out wrinkles. And it can help minimize stretch marks too. Further, sea buckthorn offers gastrointestinal health benefits for all the moms and dads who don’t eat as well as they should, while at the same time strengthening better hair, skin, and nails.

Sea buckthorn’s multi-faceted benefits make it the one super fruit you and your family shouldn’t live without.

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