Top Tips for Being a Star in the Sack

However good you think you are in the bedroom, there is always room for improvement. How they perform in bed is one of the top things men worry about the most. No fella wants to be a dud between the sheets and there are so many aids and advice available it’s mind boggling. Whether you are seeking ways to get a better erection for sexual enhancement, or looking to increase your longevity before ejaculation, read on for our top tips.

Mouths Matter

Believe it or not, mouths aren’t just used for kissing and oral sex. The art of communication is vital when it comes to satisfying sexual encounters. If you feel uncomfortable making sexy small talk in bed make sure you do plenty out of it. Ask your partner what they would like to try in bed. Do they have anything special they would like you to try but are too embarrassed to ask? Youngsters have sex and wing it. Adults make love and give their partners a great time by finding out in advance what they are craving for. Acting out these sexual fantasies afterwards will be even more rewarding.

Get Out of the Rut

It’s very easy to get lazy in bed. You have your moves, and have never had any complaints, and you boast that you could bring somebody to orgasm with your eyes shut. The big question is; are you really enjoying sex as much as you used to? Getting into a routine in the bedroom can be dangerous as you may not even realise that you are no longer satisfying your partner. They could even be that word you NEVER want to hear in the bedroom, bored! It’s never too late to learn some new techniques, just think of yourself as a dancer on Broadway learning a new routine, and have fun with those jazz hands!

Viva Vacation!

Opinion polls have shown that people have more sex on vacation than they do at home. This could be due to 101 things but the main one is the excitement of doing it in a strange place. Not everyone has the money to go somewhere different every weekend to spice up their love life, but the only thing stopping you from taking some exotic sexual voyages is your imagination. Get it on in different rooms in the house, create moods with food, drinks and costumes from different costumes. Every fancied having sex in China? Now’s your chance and you don’t even have to set foot out the door.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

Put your own needs to one side and concentrate purely on satisfying your partner. Yep, you get none and they get it all. This not only shows you to be a caring and very unselfish man, it also gives you the chance to try a few new things and find out how your partner reacts to them. Using any part of your body except your penis, you can explore their body in a new way knowing that this isn’t just foreplay. Go on, give it a go, you won’t be sorry.

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