Compare The Best And Affordable Dip Bars In The World


(Updated on August 30, 2020)

A dip bar belongs to the list of some of the simplest gym equipment that has a rising demand among fitness freaks. It consists of a couple of bars placed parallel to each other. There are many exercises with dip bars that you can do at home. To date, it has turned out to be one of the most used fitness items among all kinds of users. 

Dip bars and pullup bars are quite cheap and you can easily look into the lightweight and portable options if you are planning to purchase a set for your home. You can easily use it for multiple workout plans. Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and even regular individuals are known to be dependent on the dip bars at least for some sections of their workout plans.

If you are planning to buy a lightweight, portable version of dip bar or pullup bar, then there are a lot of benefits you can expect of it. It will be super easy to store and carry around. You will not have to hit the gym anymore for your dip or other workout plans that involve the use of dip bars.

Below mentioned are some of the best options to look through in the market. 

1. Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

Despite its lightweight built, this portable dip bar can easily support users up to a weight of 350 pounds without any issue.


  • This set of portable lightweight bars are built with a very sturdy design
  • With this deep bar, you can position your body better, thanks to the asymmetrical frame and the angled handles
  • There are straps and weighted dip belts that are available in the market to be used with this product


  • It does not have sufficient height to let you train weighted dips, but of course, that would have killed its lightweight and portability features

2. Corex Functional Fitness Parallette Dip Station

This is one of the best portable and lightweight exercise dip bar options to consider. Users can easily customize the placements of the station to suit their plan.


  • This set of portable dip bar can be easily customized, thanks to the provision of two separate bands
  • The handles are gripped with foams for better comfort of the user during workout sessions
  • The base is very secured


  • There have been complaints about the stabilizing pads provided at the bottom of the bar set to come off easily

3. Trademark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station

It is a single U-shaped lightweight and portable station that can provide the users with a rigid movement for their dip practices.


  • Exercises bands are built in this pair of the portable dip bar
  • It is extremely lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for the fitness freaks who want to carry it
  • The dip handles have been designed in a tapered pattern to provide better grip on the bars


  • Insufficient dip height, making it a not so preferred choice for weighted dips

4. Waccess Heavy Duty Dip Station

The most appealing feature of this portable dip bar is its easy height adjustment options that let the user customize the unit as per their requirements.


  • Quick adjustment features are provided for this option of portable dip bar to make exercise sessions more convenient
  • The bars are separate, allowing a wide range of variety for workout plans
  • The handles have been provided with foams for efficient grip and prevent slip
  • Comes with heavy duty tubing


  • Can be a bit unstable for heavyweight users, especially a bit of wobble for those over 250 pounds.

5. Titan Fitness HD Dip Station Stand Body Press

This heavy-duty steel frame portable bar is extremely lightweight and comes with a 38-inch handle height.


  • Built in a ‘U’ shaped design to provide the bar set with extra stability
  • The stability is further reinforced by the use of rubber blocks
  • The handles are provided with ergonomic foams
  • Supports users up to a maximum weight of 750 pounds


  • The width of the dip handle can be a bit wide for some users

6. Lebert Equalizer Bars

It is one of the most simply built, lightweight and portable dip stands that come with a fixed height of 28.5 inches.


  • The construction of this portable dip bar is very durable and solid
  • Supports users up to a maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • Ideal for multiple workout options
  • A DVD for suitable workout plans provided to allow users to use it more efficiently


  • It is quite expensive in comparison to the other products in the range

7. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dip Station

This is a solid steel product built with an ergonomic angle design. It can be fitted together to a single unit.


  • The unit comes with a free standing feature
  • Constructed with a square frame of 2 inches
  • The handles are provided with great foam grips


  • There are no options available to adjust the distance between the bars

These are of the best options you can go through if you are in search of a portable, lightweight dip bar for your exercise plans. You can research more on these options to develop more in-depth insights about them.