Top Dental Implant Care Tips You Should Follow

Top Dental Implant Care Tips You Should Follow

Before you get any dental implants, you should understand how to care for them properly. You could end up needing to replace them prematurely, breaking a tooth, or damaging the implants. The following dental implant care tips will help you out.

Floss Daily

Flossing is an important part of caring for your dental implants. You should floss at least twice a day, but after each meal is even better. Flossing is the best way to remove the food particles caught between your teeth. Bacteria can grow from any particles left behind, which leads to cavities.

Use a Soft Bristle Brush

Ensure you’re using a soft bristle brush on your implants. Anything more abrasive could injure the dental implant areas. Continue to brush twice a day to keep everything clean.

Continue With Regular Dental Appointments

Daily flossing and brushing can only do so much to remove plaque. These cleaning utensils are limited to areas they can reach.

Dental offices have special tools designed to deep clean your implants. They’ll also have the instruments to detect any dental illnesses. X-ray machines and other screening tools will help reveal any problem areas.

Don’t Smoke or Drink Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol and tobacco slow down the recovery process after your dental implants. It’s important to limit your alcohol intake and avoid smoking for overall health reasons, but it will also impact your oral health. Smoking can weaken your bone structure, and that’s a vital part of good dental health.

Having a few alcoholic beverages is fine, but too much can cause tooth sensitivity, leading to oral pain.

Stay Away From Sticky and Hard Foods

Crunching on a piece of hard candy can break a tooth. You could need more dental implants when you eat sticky or hard foods. These foods can compromise the integrity of the implants, making them weak. Examples of foods you should try to avoid are:

  • Dried fruit
  • Caramel
  • Taffy
  • Candy
  • Gum

After you decide to get implants, these are the important dental implant care tips you should follow. Proper care will ensure a lifelong smile with little to no problems.

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