Titanium Tech Innovations That Are Gamechangers In The Medical Field

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Possibly one of the most exciting things to happen in the medical field of late, is the multiple uses of titanium powder and porous titanium. For the medical field, this porous application is the perfect compromise when natural bone can no longer perform adequately. The high purity and biocompatibility allow professionals to graft the ideal part with minimal risk and discomfort to the patient. With titanium’s ability to promote osseointegration, combined with modern tech, the medical field is in for a treat.

3D-Printed Parts For Humans On Schedule

With $26,000 in funding hopefully to land soon, Aurora Labs is set to start printing titanium parts for medical use within this year. For medical professionals, this is welcome news as parts are not always tailored to the individual which often requires re-grafting, shaving, or skimming the parts until they’re perfect. This takes time and can cause significant pain for the patient. Whereas a perfectly constructed part that won’t take as long will provide the support and relief almost instantly. Titanium also happens to be one of the strongest materials to use, which allows patients to enjoy the longevity of the newly fitted or implanted part.

Precision Tubing At Optimal Hygiene

One of the stand-out qualities of titanium tubing, is the optimal hygiene levels that can be achieved. Used in micro-surgery, these tubes provide medical professionals and patients alike with the peace of mind that the procedure won’t be interrupted due to tubing collapse or that there are hygiene issues. Another benefit of titanium tubing is the ability to manufacture asymmetrical and symmetrical tubing, which can be tailored to the various procedures.

Titanium Fiber Plate To Curb Brittle Bones

One of the reasons medical professionals are still loathe to use titanium in some applications is due to it being far more rigid than bones. While this may not seem like a problem at first, it’s inflexible nature can lead to brittle bones. In Japan, however, the titanium fiber plate allows brittle bones to heal without pressure, while still maintaining structural integrity. These plates are safer than conventional plates and allow greater comfort for patients during the recovery period.

While titanium is not the only marvel of modern-day medicine, it surely provides greater flexibility for those in the medical field. The combination of titanium and modern medicine provides a whole new set of solutions in the medical field. The addition of technology to the mix allows stellar regeneration of the human body, especially the skeletal integrity.

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