Tips To Extend the Life of Medical Equipment

Tips To Extend the Life of Medical Equipment

The cost to obtain medical devices is exponential for many healthcare facilities, especially when emergency use is necessary. Professionals and staff members of all experience levels constantly seek new ways to optimize device performance and make the most of every experience.

Let’s look at a few tips to extend the life of medical equipment and effectively reduce budget burdens!

Proper Sterilization

Some devices can throw false reads or provide inaccuracies because of a lack of sterilization. In between each use, users should disinfect all components to prevent the spread of bacteria and ensure accuracy with each use. Proper sterilization is critical to the patient’s care, the device’s health, and its ability to perform repeatedly.

Properly Train Staff

Promptly and thoroughly training all staff members on new and existing devices is critical to their life cycle. If a team member does not correctly use something, you risk accidental malfunctions and equipment trips during use. This can negatively affect a patient’s treatment and age the equipment faster than anticipated.

Turn Off Equipment Not In-Use

One of the best tips to extend the life of medical equipment is to turn it off while it’s not in use. You can conserve your facility’s power usage and decrease wear on the device. This single step can drastically impact a facility’s budget for the better when practiced effectively. While training team members on device management, ensure they follow this step.

Maintain a Clean Environment

Not only will properly cleaning devices extend their life, but the environment they are in should follow suit. Ensure things like flammables, foods, and fluids are not lingering around machinery and that workspaces are clean of debris and bacteria.

Wipe down surfaces, tubing, and use proper handling protocols while working with equipment. Additionally, ensure all devices are in a safe, clean storage space.

Device management is a serious business because of the costs of acquiring and maintaining them. Ensure all team members follow protocols and remain educated on handling and care.

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