Tips on Laundry Safety During Coronavirus

Tips on Laundry Safety During Coronavirus

As the pandemic presses on week after week, the numbers of infected and ill increase, and our safety decreases. Having to wear masks and wash our hands is only the first line of defense for something so severe. Being fully aware of what to do during the uncertain days ahead will help us fully protect ourselves and our businesses as we take precautions to keep the virus at bay. Here are some helpful tips on laundry safety during Coronavirus to help you get through the days and weeks ahead.

The Rules of Engagement

No matter what activity you are partaking in, the rules for safety change little with this global pandemic. Not only should you be washing your clothing whenever laundry day comes around, but you should also be sanitizing both your clothes and the laundry machines to ensure your safety. Little things you can do around the house, such as setting up a laundry basket near doorways, will help ease your mind and prevent contamination as well.

Wait a few days to do your laundry to allow any potential germs to die that may be in contact with your clothing. Hand washing your clothing may also be something worth considering if you want to ensure an even deeper clean. If you want to cut back on clutter and keep things extra clean, you can also invest in a portable washer to save energy and do smaller loads.

Commercial Services

Whether you are at the laundry mat or having your clothes dry cleaned, make sure you are using the hottest settings possible, as this will disinfect your clothing and help sanitize the machines. Because commercial laundry services do not use the same methods as at-home washers, you must take greater care to ensure proper cleaning. When washing your laundry in a public facility, you should consider wearing gloves and masks and should keep a minimum distance of six feet from other people.

Plugging Into Your Business

You should always follow basic hygiene practices when in the workplace or when making an outing anywhere. Steering away from touching things or other people is huge. Because laundry services handle large loads of laundry all day long, it will be extremely wise of you to keep as much of the laundry from touching your body as possible.

If you are protected by a facemask and gloves, make sure to change out your safety gear after you cough and sneeze. Dry cleaning personal items using steam instead of a dryer is yet another way to ensure proper disinfection. Allocating specific times at which to do your laundry is also going to greatly improve efficiency.

And again, hand washing and sanitization are essential to success. Finally, make sorting a practice that you live by in order to keep track of what you have and ensure you are handling loads as safely as possible. These are just a few tips for laundry safety during Coronavirus that should be practiced at all times in order to stay as clean and healthy as possible.

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