Tips for Recovering After Getting Struck by a Car

Tips for Recovering After Getting Struck by a Car

So you’ve talked with your doctor and taken all of the other necessary steps after getting hit by a car while you were on a leisurely walk, but now you’re concerned about what you’ll need to do to recover. We’re sure your doctor has gone over some of those steps with you, but in case you forgot them or are looking for more helpful advice, check out these tips for recovering after getting struck by a car.

Be Sure To Take It Easy

There’s no need to rush back to your old routine. Your employer will understand, and your friends and family will come by whenever they can to check up on you. Forcing yourself to stay on a schedule right after an accident can lead to more pain and issues down the line, so take this time to relax and catch up on some of your shows.

Find Ways To Ease the Pain

Depending on the severity of the accident, your pain levels may vary, but you will almost certainly have some. If it’s bad enough, your doctor will prescribe stronger pain medication for you. If it’s not that bad but still a constant annoyance, try some over-the-counter medicine or ice packs. In moderation, both will do wonders for your symptoms.

Eat Foods Best for Recovery

Don’t let the necessary bedrest lead you to junk food, though. During this time, you need to eat healthy foods to help your body recover from the incident. If you are experiencing lots of inflammation, you’ll want to make sure your diet contains a lot of fruits and vegetables. If rebuilding your lost muscle mass is your priority, meats high in protein like chicken and fish should be your go-to choice. Either way, just make sure you avoid sugars and too many carbs since you won’t be moving too much.

Get Some Physical Therapy In

This tip for recovering after getting struck by a car is something you shouldn’t consider until your doctor has cleared it. Regardless of when you start, your body is going to have to recover eventually, and it can’t do that unless you put it to the test. It’s best to do your physical therapy with a professional, but there are videos online that can help you do it on your own if you prefer that.

If you really don’t feel like your body is ready for too much physicality, consider massage therapy. It will work your muscles without too much movement. After some time with this, though, you’ll want to transition to more physical activity for your recovery process.

Get Back Out There

Once you feel like you’ve recovered (or are at least closer to being your old self), it’s time to get yourself back into society. Of course, it’s always good to check with your doctor before doing so, in case they see something that you might have missed, but you can usually tell when it’s time for your life to resume.

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