The Nightmare of Sleep Deprivation and How CBD Capsules Can Help

More people are turning their attention to sleep supplements like CBD capsules. The reason for that is apparent: they need more snooze time. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a person needs at least seven hours of sleep. But the 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data confirms that 33% of our adult population do not get enough sleep. As you spend less time in bed and more time awake, it can affect your health in the long-term. 

Here is how sleep deprivation affects your overall health:

  • Obesity

Many studies link sleep deprivation with obesity. One of these is the 2016 research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

During the experiment, researchers recruited 14 non-obese healthy men and women. They followed a fixed meal plan with varying sleeping durations. They slept either 8.5 hours or 4.5 hours every four days. 

On the fourth night, the participants also fasted or until the following afternoon. Then, they consumed their preferred meals after the fast. 

Analysis of their blood samples showed that sleep deprivation raised the endocannabinoid levels of selected participants. The endocannabinoid system includes part of the brain that controls the rewards and appetite sensation. 

These results explain why people who lack sleep tend to eat more. They also show how cannabinoid or cannabis products like CBD capsules may work against sleep deprivation. 

Lack of sleep may also encourage individuals to choose unhealthier food, such as processed snacks or junk food. Such an unhealthy choice raises the odds of developing obesity over time. 

  • Poor Mental Performance

If you find yourself struggling to remember where you left your car keys in the morning, you may be sleep-deprived. 

The relationship between the brain and sleep is complex yet critical. After all, the latter has a direct influence on your nervous system. 

People with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are likely to develop sleeping issues. These include insomnia and daytime sleepiness. Lack of sleep, meanwhile, can worsen their depressive or anxiety symptoms. 

Individuals who did not get enough sleep are also prone to microsleep. These are short bursts of uncontrollable sleep, which can be dangerous. Take, for example, losing your sense of control while driving. 

  • Weaker Immune Systems

Do you ever wonder why you feel sleepier when you are sick? Besides fatigue, that is the body’s way of telling you to get some rest and let it heal. 

Sleep does wonders for your immune system. A 2012 research showed that the production of your “soldiers” follows the circadian rhythm or your internal body clock. 

For example, in the evening, while you are asleep, the body creates cytokines. These can help you sleep and regulate the immune response. 

A 2017 study, though, mentioned that lack of sleep would result in the opposite effect. These cytokines can become pro-inflammatory markers and impact the way your central nervous system reacts to threats like viruses and bacteria. 

A 2010 research in Sleep revealed a grim link between sleep deprivation and mortality. People who are awake for 18 hours or more could increase their risk of dying within 25 years by 12%. 

If you want to live longer or experience a better quality of life, sleeping like a log for at least 7 hours will do you wonders. When necessary, get help. Talk to a sleep doctor or consider taking supplements like CBD capsules. 

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