The Most Compelling Reasons to Study Nursing at Degree Level

Never has a job description been so criminally understated than that of a nurse, and in reality, a professional and qualified practicing nurse’s working duties and responsibilities are the most complex and multi-faceted of any professional. 

So, whether you are still at college or university and have been considering the possibility of becoming a nurse or are currently working in another area of the medical and healthcare sector and want a new challenge, this article is for you either way.

Continue reading to discover the most compelling reasons to study nursing at degree level. 

You Help People Every Single Day

Although this first point is fairly obvious, the fact that nurses are the ones who get to help patients of all ages, lifestyles, cultures, and nationalities still remains the primary motivator for currently practicing professional nurses. Moreover, when you choose the advised pathway of RN to BSN program, you will have the opportunity to work on wards in hospitals in areas where you would never normally be able to even dream of having the opportunity to. Plus, you don’t just get the opportunity to help others. You also get to help yourself by advancing your own skills in more than just nursing. You could see improvements in your leadership and management skills, for instance. 

Your Emotional Health will Improve 

Nursing is a unique career path for a number of key reasons, but perhaps the most compelling is that, rather than merely being a job to pay the bills, but moreover is a passionate calling and vocation. 

Regardless of the specialism you choose when you undergo your nursing training, the passion and dedication of everyone around you, from your peers, ward sisters, factors, and surgeons will make you feel part of a team. Even though shift patterns, stressful situations, and a myriad of other challenges a nurse will face in their long career can take a short-term toll on their mental health in terms of life affirmation, there really is no more enriching career than that of a nurse. 

Your Days Will be Full of Variety

Meeting people in any career, but especially in that of being a nurse, is the most natural way of enriching your skills, knowledge, and perspective. As a nurse, you will be exposed to every single type of person from literally all walks of life. 

From mental health and wellbeing nursing to treating and taking care of the elderly to working in specific fields of nursing such as orthopedics, critical care, and theater, no other professional career pathway could possibly provide the level of variety that nursing does every single day. 

Your Job Security Could Not Be Higher 

There are only a handful of professions that, regardless of the state of the country in terms of economic viability or government funding, are always going to be both highly regarded and absolutely necessary. 

For some nurses, their true calling is to work in a traditional hospital setting and treat both in and outpatients, but for others, they enjoy the true variety of challenges and new experiences that various specialisms can provide. 

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