The History of Botox Treatment

Some people may have heard that Botox is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Read more about cosmetic procedures in this link here. However, this is more than that. What has started to be a kind of treatment for muscle spasms is now the most-sought after for many people, and this provides plenty of benefits too.

If you are experiencing mild migraines, excessive sweating, stiffness, twitching, and more, then you may want to know that Botox can help you with these health conditions. The list goes on, but let’s take a closer look.

The History of Botox

Most clients may find it interesting the Botox, a diluted and purified form of a deadly toxin involves a story of spoiled sausages, pickled hams, two married doctors, and a band of musicians.

A German medical enthusiast discovered the first protein of Botox in 1820. They found that there are bacteria present in spoiled sausages that are poisoning most of the people in town. He then published a detailed description of the symptoms of botulism.

Another Belgian physician was asked to investigate the cause of a botulism outbreak in a band of musicians in 1885. The band got sick when they ate a pickled ham at a funeral. Some of the members even perished.

Emile Van Ermengem discovered the cause of the illness. He said that certain anaerobic bacteria were responsible for the band’s illness after the members ate the pickled ham. Emile van Ermengem was so enthusiastic about his toxicological analysis and discovery that he named the toxin Bacillus botulinum derived from the Latin name of sausage – which is botulus.

The Food and Drug Administration began approving treatment of spasms of the eyelids and cross-eyed conditions using the strain of botulinum toxin A in 1989. Several clinical trials were carried out, and many found out that Botox injections can treat cerebral palsy, excessive sweating, and more. 

Two married doctors in Canada made the most exciting discovery. Dr. Jean Carruthers noticed some of the side effects of Botox are: her patients are losing their crow’s feet, wrinkles, and fine lines after the injection. She and her husband then did some intensive studies and ultimately published their discoveries in a peer-reviewed journal called Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology. 

You may then imagine what happened next. Hollywood actresses and movie stars began taking advantage of the new Botox treatment. Most celebrities who can afford several appointments lost their wrinkles in a few months. Their aim for eternal youth suddenly sprouted from nowhere, and they became so popular that the treatment’s cost skyrocketed in 1997. Botox was so popular back then that when the supply temporarily ran out, it caused panic among its devotees. 

The process works after the injection. The botulinum toxins prevent the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This process stops all muscle activity on the site of the injection. The focal paralysis is the reason why the spasms stop, and the wrinkles become smooth. In other words, Botox works through paralyzing one’s wrinkles away. 

Benefits of Getting Botox

1. Reduce Migraines

It has been proven that the procedure can help people who are experiencing migraines. For many, they can benefit from Botox because it does not contain dangerous medicine, and it doesn’t have adverse side effects.

Most of the patients know that it can be hard to pinpoint the cause of the headache or migraine. You can know more about the most common causes of migraines here: They don’t have specific treatments, and it takes days before they go away. 

The cosmetic procedure does not answer much on why it can treat migraines. Most of the experts notice that their clients found relief in frequent tensions and stress from migraines. Some dermatologists suspect that this has something to do with the blocking of the senses and the nerves. It prevents the sensations of pain from going to the brain.

2. Decrease Excessive Sweating

If excessive sweating constantly plagues you, then Botox can help you with this condition. Medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis are usually combatted with drugs that are for antiperspirants.

Some of the time, they work. However, some of the prescription drugs lose their effectiveness over time, and they also come with side effects.

If you are experiencing excessive and potent sweating, a single round of Botox today will help you with your issues for months. You can find relief that you can finally take off your clothes without seeing the horrible sweat stains on it.

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