The Easiest Ways to Get an STD Test

The Easiest Ways to Get an STD Test

If you suspect you have a sexually transmitted disease, it can be overwhelming to determine what your next steps should be or who you can turn to for help. Rest assured that there are helpful options to reduce stress and get you an accurate result. Read on for the easiest ways to get an STD test.

In-Person Options

If you want to see a medical professional in-person, your primary care physician is the first person you should visit. They may be able to test you for STDs or refer you to other professionals that can test you—typically a urologist, or a gynecologist if you are a woman. Under the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, these tests are free or come at a very low cost, so you do not have to worry about pricing.

Online Option

If you prefer something a bit more discrete, the easiest way to get an STD test is with an STD testing kit that can be acquired online. These kits will either direct you to provide an oral or genital swab or a urine or blood sample. You will then send these specimens to a lab for analysis and get the results back via phone or mail, or anonymously and securely online.

The drawback of this do-it-yourself approach is that you may not be able to provide a proper specimen if you are not sure how to do it, which can degrade the accuracy of results. If you take this route, be sure to provide an adequate swab sample to ensure you receive the correct results.

Ask Questions

To help you figure out what approach is best for you and what you should be doing to take of your health, keep asking questions and seeking out answers. You are not alone and this is not something that should cause you shame. There are easily accessible professional resources for you to learn more about the process and hear the questions of people going through the same thing.

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