Tackling Social Anxiety by Its Roots

A little bit of anxiety is healthy. But when it impedes your lifestyle, it becomes alarming. Social anxiety is when a person becomes extremely nervous when interacting with others. People who have this condition may have trouble with public speaking and parties. Professional growth, romance, and friendships may also suffer. What can a person do to overcome such anxiety?

Seek Professional Help

Do not prolong the agony. Be brave and seek medical help.Reputable centers in Westport, Connecticut offer cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This therapy can tackle anxiety by its roots. CBT aims to make the person realize how their line of thoughts affect their emotions and behavior. Thus, a shift in their thinking pattern and beliefs will alter how they interact with the world.

This type of therapy does not end in the session room. Assignments are given to the person to help them improve. For this approach to be effective, the person must be willing to dig deeper into themselves. They also need to follow the leading of the therapist.

Specify Goals

Goals are very important for people who have anxiety. When they reach their target goal, they feel that they have conquered a part of their fear. But vague goals will not help. Be as specific as possible. For example, you may dislike socializing at a party. Make it your goal to hold two casual conversations. Do not focus on how you sweat or blunder.

Also, do not think about if the one you are talking to is as receptive as you would like them to be. Concentrate on the target: two casual conversations. When you reach this goal, congratulate yourself. This will also help you see how you have improved through time. It may be two for now, but you can increase it through time.

Shift to a “Yes Attitude”

A person with social anxiety tends to make themselves as invisible as possible. Thus, when someone invites them or when they will have to be at a social gathering, they say no straightaway. A good way to combat this attitude is to shift to saying yes.

Exposure hierarchy can help you achieve this. In a nutshell, this is when a person opens up to situations that they fear. They may first take on the lowest version of this situation. For example, if you fear public speaking, you can first try to air your thoughts with a couple of friends. In time, you can move to an auditorium filled with people.

Share the Struggle

Find a person you trust andsomeone who understands you. Share with them your plans for change. It will motivate you to pursue your self-improvement. Also, on the other side, they can encourage you when you feel down. They can also help you see the situation from a different perspective.

Sustain Good Physical Health

Sometimes, poor health is a great factor in anxiety. A lack of sleep, unhealthy food choices, and a sedentary lifestyle can cloud one’s judgment. To avoid this, be more mindful of your health. Have an adequate sleep to always have a fresh mind. Keep yourself active. Even deep breathing can fight off anxiety. Maintain a balanced diet and avoid vises such as alcohol.

If you are suffering from social anxiety, know that you are not alone. Many people have been in your position before and have succeeded getting out of the rut. It only takes one brave step at a time.

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