Summer Hazards for People Experiencing Homelessness

Summer Hazards for People Experiencing Homelessness

Family barbeques, time at the pool, lounging in the sun—there’s a whole load of activities to look forward to in the summertime. However, what most people don’t consider about summer is how various privileges allow us to enjoy the heat and sun. Things such as accessibility to clean drinking water, air-conditioned facilities and homes, and sunscreen enable folks to appreciate the rising temperatures, not dread them.

For people experiencing homelessness, there’s a slew of summer hazards to be wary of. Consider partaking in ways to support those experiencing homelessness this summer to help folks combat various hazards brought on by hotter and longer days.


A person’s hydration needs depend on their body type and weight, with the common recommendation being a half ounce to an ounce for each pound you weigh. Adequate hydration is a tough feat even for those who have a purified tap or refrigerated case of water, making it an especially hard goal for people without stable housing to reach. A lack of water can cause the following effects.

  • Brain damage
  • Seizures
  • Fatigue
  • Fainting
  • Disorientation

Hygiene-Related Health Issues

Upkeeping great hygiene can be challenging for those without regular access to a full bathroom. Fortunately, various organizations offer bathing facilities to make hygienic maintenance easier for people experiencing homelessness.

While these facilities are convenient, they often have limited resources and can’t negate the rise of hygiene-related health issues in the summer. Different health dangers that individuals with limited hygienic resources are susceptible to include the following:

  • Staph infection
  • Blisters
  • Rashes
  • Trench foot

Excessive Exposure

Whether you’ve worked or lounged on a bright summer day, you know how intense the heat and UV rays can be. Some shelters distribute as much sunscreen and protective wear as possible, but that’s still not enough to diminish the summer hazards for people experiencing homelessness caused by a brutal sunny day. Too much exposure to heat or UV without relief can lead to:

  • Sunburn and sun poisoning
  • Heat stroke
  • Lowered immune system
  • Skin cancer

Supporting your local shelter for folks experiencing homelessness will help combat these summer hazards, making the season more enjoyable and safe for everyone in the community.

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