Stay Stress-Free At Work

CarolAnnHamilton 5746By Carol-Ann Hamilton

Did you know?

  • Anti-depressant drug use has increased by 400% in three years.
  • Most heart attacks occur at 9:00 a.m. on Monday mornings.

Clearly, job stress costs business in absenteeism, turnover, health claims, on-the-job accidents and even violence.

Staggering!  But it doesn’t end there.

Sustained workplace tension lowers immune systems, robs peace of mind, steals joy, and trashes family connections plus friendships.

We’re all in charge

That is, if we permit such damage…  In fact, we hold far greater power over our destiny than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

No matter your job title, you are in charge.  You need to control your career so it doesn’t control you.

We’re talking about building a strong inner core where you know and believe you have worth and deserve to be counted!

Wonder how to get there?

Start by getting clear

Begin by carving out consistent “me time” in your calendar.  Quiet time alone – even 15 minutes a day – is non-negotiable!

Coaches call this “extreme self-care”.  Self-care is not selfish.

By regularly tuning into your thoughts and feelings, you empower yourself to answer:

  • What management, job responsibilities and organizational environments you prefer;
  • What success means to you;
  • What goals and dreams you want to accomplish.

Why is this important?  We must get crystal-clear about our work requirements.  Only then will we know if we’re on track or off the rails in terms of what’s right by us.

What attitudes will keep me grounded?

Here are several best-practice attitudes that will help you maintain your center even under difficult circumstances.

Practice inner mastery.  We add to job misery depending how we interpret plus react to others’ actions.  Personal leaders sidestep being triggered into anger or unprofessional behaviors.  They know we can choose our response in every moment.

Set solid personal boundaries.  You do not have to work 16-hour days to be a “team player”.  We teach people how to treat us.  Develop the self-confidence to say “no” to ridiculous demands by workaholic bosses or colleagues.

See work as one slice of your “pie”.  Your paper stack will always be piled high, no matter how hard you work.  Your job is not who you are underneath.  Don’t let it define you.

Be grateful.  What we focus on expands.  At between 45,000 to 60,000 thoughts each day, science is now proving we create our reality.  Concentrate on good things and you’ll get more!

What practical steps can I take?

I think we can all agree these represent mature attitudes.  How about specific actions that safeguard your positivity?  I invite you to try these out.

Borrow a healing technique.  This first comes from Reiki – a method for releasing blockages from the body’s energy centers.  Imagine an invisible bubble around you.  Place your favorite colors inside, if you wish.  Visualize setting your “eggshell” while getting ready for work to shut out negative influences all day.

Get outside.  Take a consistent lunch break away from your desk/station to release pent-up stress.  Go for a short walk to connect to earth’s stabilizing effects underfoot.  Just five minutes of fresh air counter-balances stale indoor climates.

Let go and lighten up.  Tolerations are situations or people that drain our life force.  Avoid gossiping and complaining “vampire” co-workers whenever possible.  Find what enhances your vigor.  Attempt to read short uplifting content every day.  Magazines count!

Maximize your “free” time.  Make your commute more pleasant.  Listen to music or learning CD’s.  Connect with friends/family.  Please – plan and take your full vacation!  Don’t be a martyr who prides themselves on how few holidays they take.

Parting food for thought

I hate to burst your myth.  You’re replaceable.  Even my “old generation” father counseled years ago to never give your last drop of blood to the “company”.

Remember – even the worst workaholic never wishes they’d spent more time at the office on their deathbed.

Through Spirit Unlimited, Carol-Ann Hamilton is a transformational coach, speaker and author whose motto says it all: “Encouraging Your Greatness!”  She inspires people standing at crossroads to release comfort zones so they uncover their bigger purpose and live their dreams.  You can reach her at 905-822-2503, or

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