Stay Healthy With These Pasta Sauce Recipes

Pasta sauce is an excellent foundation for a healthy, satisfying, and nutritious meal. For starters, pasta is a perfect partner for so many foods like fish, protein-packed cheeses, vegetables, and poultry meats.

Keep in mind that pasta comes with glucose, which is responsible for fueling the brain and muscles. Plus, it’s responsible for the slow and sustained release of energy, so you don’t get the energy spikes linked with simple sugars.

Moreover, research also shows that tomato sauce helps in improving the activity of probiotics in the gut. In other words, the benefits of including pasta sauce into your recipes are wide-ranging.

Stay in tip-top condition and follow these healthy pasta sauce recipes to add more texture to your dishes.

Put a Twist to The Ordinary Marinara with Lamb Ragu

Step up from your go-to marinara and jazz up your everyday dinners with tasty Lamb Ragu recipe. Usually, the Lamb Ragu takes about two hours to prepare and serve.

Ingredients include chopped onions, chopped stalks of celery, minced garlic, red wine, Kosher salt, black pepper, and carrots.

Initially, add celery, onion, and carrots over a medium-heated pot. Cook for at least five minutes to achieve the desired softness before adding tomato and garlic.

Simultaneously, sprinkle the lamb and break up the meat with a wooden spoon for about six minutes before filling it with red wine, fresh herbs, pepper, and salt.

You can serve Lamb Ragu over spaghetti squash, zucchini, or your favorite comfort food. Bear in mind that the Lamb Ragu is gluten-free and is perfect for someone who is on a paleo diet.

Add Elegance to Your Recipe With Brown Butter

Brown butter is a healthy pasta sauce which is fast and fancy. It comes together in some minutes and makes just about any bowl of pasta feel elegant.

Use unsalted butter in creating a brown butter sauce. Cook the butter on a medium heat pan and continue to do so until it melts.

Look for browned specks on the bottom pan and ensure that it should have a nutty aroma before turning off the heat. Add some fresh sage leaves to the melted butter if you want to make a sage brown butter sauce.

Say Hi to Spring With This Amazing Pesto Recipe

Not everyone can make a pesto pasta without adding massive amounts of oil. Take note that too many heavy oils can lead to health complications and raise cholesterol in the blood.

In cooking a pesto recipe, make sure to toss the pasta in the bowl, not the pot. Remember that the basil does not react well to the heat. Subsequently, take out one cup of pasta cooking water and put salt into the water to ensure that it is seasoned enough.

Also, avoid reheating leftover pesto pasta to asseverate that the taste will remain the same, and the texture won’t turn to black.

Pasta sauce is as much of an essential player in your pasta dinner as the pasta noodles itself. Keep these tips in mind when cooking a pot of pasta.

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