Special Homeopathic Remedies for ED (Impotence) In Old Age


Three out of every ten men suffer from erectile dysfunction in old age. But they shy out to open up and disclose this problem. True enough that impotence can devastate a man’s confidence and manliness. However, hiding it is definitely not the solution. So, here we discuss everything that you need to know about erectile dysfunction – meaning, causes and even remedies. 

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Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence 

Impotence is commonly known as a man’s inability to obtain or maintain penis erection during sex. It is a situation when a man is unable or has difficulty in getting an absolute erection or a firm erectile. Sexual penetration cannot be achieved without erection. This disorder can harm a man’s self-esteem which will result in relationship problems. 


There are many medical, physical and psychological causes that lead to erectile dysfunction. The most common of them are mentioned below:

  • Vascular along with neurological causes
  • Arthrosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive smoking or alcohol consumption 
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure 

Homeopathic Remedies 

If you don’t want to open up and discuss your problem with your doctor, doesn’t mean you’ll have to suffer the entire life. Here we mention some of the very effective homeopathic remedies that can treat the problem of erectile dysfunction with kamagra via safe generic pharmacy.  Go through each below-mentioned point very carefully and choose which remedy would be perfect for you:

1. Agnus Castus (For absolute dysfunction) 

Agnus Castus is the top homeopathic remedy to treat erectile dysfunction using kamagra oral jelly.When a man is completely unable to attain penile erection during sex. The symptoms might also include coldness of sexual organs. The penis remains completely flaccid and relaxed during sex. A man requiring Agnus Castus as a remedy is neither interested in having sex nor he has the strength to indulge himself in sexual activity. 

2. Caladium (For dysfunction despite desire for sex) 

When a man can’t have an erection, despite having a desire for sex, caladium can do great help. Even embracing and caressing does not help with erection for a person who needs caladium. The penis is found to stay in relaxed condition even if the man has the desire to have sex. Know that you need caladium if you crave for tobacco from time to time and if you face sexual weakness because of mental depression. The remedy helps in regaining sexual strength and gives penis, the energy to be erect. Also, tobacco addiction is treated to a great extent by caladium. 

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3. Lycopodium (For both young and old with dysfunction) 

The main causes that can lead to the need of lycopodium are psychological factors like street, worry and anxiety. Such psychological causes lead to erectile dysfunction that can be treated through this remedy. People who need this are found to lack self motivation and confidence (do not confuse confidence with stubbornness and ego). These factors also lead to several other problems like digestive problems, acidity, bloating and an evening energy slump. Lycopodium will keep your mind still, trying to reduce stress and worry. 

4. Selenium metallicum (For weak erection) 

Weak or feeble erection during the sexual activity can be best treated through selenium. A man can take selenium if his erections during sex are weak and short. Most of the times it happens after an exhausting illness or fever. Due to fever, the man tends to feel exhausted and weak, despite the presence of desire for sex. This is when the body demands selenium. Also, the man will face early emissions. Need not worry if the man gets irritated after sex. This may follow due to incomplete sexual desires. 

5. Tribulus Terrestris (For dysfunction along with urinary troubles) 

When a man faces erection inability along with pain due to urinary troubles, he needs to take Tribulus Terrestris. Basically, the sexual organs are weak and also in pain. Tribulus Terrestris can actually do a good help in such a situation. 

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6. Argentum nitricum (For failed erection)

Mostly, nervous and imaginative people suffer from failed erection. It is the situation when a man’s erection faces failure at an attempt to achieve penetration. What’s worse is that thinking about the problem makes it even more serious. How to know if you need argentum nitricum? A man suffering from failed erection should take this remedy if he’s warm blooded and has a soft corner for both sweet and salt. Nervousness and overthinking make the problem even worse. So, avoid unnecessary stress and have this remedy if you face failed erection without overthinking. 

Erectile dysfunction devastates the self-esteem and confidence of a man as he is unable to achieve one of his basic needs (learn more) This is why you need to cure it as soon as possible by taking necessary measures. These are the homeopathic remedies that can help you treat impotence. However, if in doubt, you should consult a homeopathic and ask for treatment. 

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