Six Ways To Improve Creativity In Sales

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Sales management is an intense job that requires talking, listening, and a high level of creativity to be a successful salesman. While some salespeople use the same old techniques and have a defined customer base, many sales professionals resist the temptation to establish one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, they adopt creative problem solvers and find ways to position their product or service uniquely.

The sales process often requires various unusual twists and turns, the original intentions, and alternative uses. If coming up with novel ideas is part of your job, you know that it can be stressful and isn’t always easy when there is nothing fresh in your brain. Fortunately, creativity is like a muscle that should be stretched, challenged, and sometimes pushed past its comfort zone. It’s all about finding new methods of solving problems and approaching situations. Let’s delve into simple ways to boost your creativity, increase sales, and generate interesting ideas, solutions, and breakthroughs.

Set The Right Mood

A lack of new ideas or being unable to solve a challenging situation might be overwhelming and frustrating. Unless you prefer complete silence, background music can help to give your mood and creativity a much-needed boost. Playing background music at the work desk can help to relax, change your moods, and support creativity. Being a sales professional, you may find yourself more open creatively when you are calm and can think clearly.

Consider listening to classical music that might give people an extra boost as large-scale brain networks occur due to the dynamic processing of musical timbre, key, and rhythm. According to “The Mozart Effect,” listening to Mozart’s music can improve creativity, concentration, and other cognitive functions. 

Additionally, one of the popular and effective ways to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase focus is by using CBD products. Cannabidiol (or CBD) is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is associated with main body processes such as sleep, stress, mood, inflammation, pain, etc. Due to the positive effect on ECS, CBD can offer various health benefits, including suing CBD for pain and anxiety relief, better alertness, and mood, increased energy levels, and stress-free mind. This natural supplement can come in handy in any troubling situation and provide advantages without severe side effects.

Look For Sources Of Inspiration

One of the contradictions of creativity is that you need to familiarise yourself with the ideas of others to think originally. Therefore a good idea to look for innovation and take inspiration in different industries and niches to activate your own creativity.

Looking for new sources of inspiration can help to come up with fresh ideas and create unique solutions to questions. Consider researching what businesses are dominating, what makes them so special, and how can you use what worked for these businesses to your own market? 

Also, you don’t have to create all of your novel ideas; you can discover them during daily work. If you lost a customer to a competitor, try to pinpoint the reasons why and find solutions to bring the customer back.

Modify Other Ideas

Make it a habit of tracking novel and exciting ideas that other businesses have used successfully. Discovering good ideas and competitors’ approaches is an effective way to identify the positives, apply them to your niche, and generate new ideas to improve the business. Your idea has to be original only in its version and rearrangement of the issue you are working on.

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Most of the creative process involves combining previously unrelated subjects and creating something brand new. The principle of modification is a sound way to develop alternative concepts for anything that exists, which offers countless variants for ideas, goods, and services. 

Think up ways of changing and substitute things, places, people, images, procedures, and even emotions. Combining elements, ideas, and parts of ideas or replacing one thing with another can help to find the right idea by a trial and error method.

Leave Distractions & Exercise

Solving problems creatively might be distracted by our mobile devices. The amount of information that people receive from their devices daily is overwhelming, which can inhibit creative thinking. 

Since creativity necessitates a better mindset to examining the issue, unplugging from volumes of information in the form of articles, posts on the internet or text messages can pay great dividends for your creative capacity. Try to put aside your gadgets, take a break from this sensory overload, and relax to let your brain do its magic and bring new ideas. 

Believe us or not, but walking and exercise may also help to be more engaged and improve creative thinking. When a person is physically active, the body loosens, the mind is freer, making it easier to think of unusual concepts and come up with solutions to problems. What’s more, studies suggest that regular exercise helps to perform better on creative tasks.

Challenge Yourself

Never expect creativity or original idea to just happen in one minute. The place of creativity can come from the unknown and after working with something you haven’t tried before. Learning other creative techniques, challenging yourself, and rethinking the space in new ways will further advance your abilities.

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Look for more complicated approaches, try out different things, stimulate yourself by setting time limits, and avoid always using the same solutions as new challenges act as a catalyst to think creatively and come up with simultaneous ideas or concepts. 

In addition to challenging the unknown, you need to set your own opportunities for creativity, which can include tackling the latest project or tools to use in your current projects. 

Consider Alternative Scenarios

Try to reverse your perspective on plans, goods, or services, which can be useful for disclosure of your thinking. Look at opposites to find a new way of looking at things and discover things you usually miss. By reversing a subject, looking at possible alternatives beforehand, you can develop creative and original solutions to problems.

As you approach the problem, ask yourself “what if…” questions to think about each scenario, even the worst one. Considering terrible ideas and alternative scenarios will spark something creative that you can transfer to your fresh approach.

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