Six Benefits of Using Detox Shampoo

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Have you ever used detox shampoo? These products are preferred by individuals who wish to take good care of their hair and scalp. 

Detox shampoo gets rid of styling product buildup, environmental toxins, hard water deposits, chlorine, saltwater, and other harmful substances. Many individuals use it to remove drug residues before such testing. It provides assistance when undergoing both simple and advanced follicle tests, which inspect the presence of various illegal substances. 

Environmental toxins, salt, chlorine, and other substances have a damaging influence on the hair if not treated properly following the damage. Detox shampoo is not used as frequently as regular shampoo, but it still keeps the health and structure of hair out of harm. 

These are the six main benefits of using such an amazing product. 

It eliminates styling product buildup

The majority of individuals use styling products like root powder, hairsprays, gels, pomade, wax, and mousse to add extra volume and shine. Nevertheless, these products are bound to cause buildup, which leads to scalp problems like dandruff, folliculitis, psoriasis, head lice, etc. Even normal shampoo can cause harm to scalp health if the buildup is not removed regularly.

Nevertheless, detox shampoo is believed to restore the health of one’s hair, as it eliminates unnecessary substances from the head. These products should be used two to three times a month to achieve the desired results. The cleansing effect they have on the scalp stimulates hair growth, which is otherwise obstructed from the buildup. 

It helps individuals pass a drug test

Another benefit of using detox shampoo is when individuals are subjected to hair follicle drug testing. Employers and government agencies rely on this screening method to detect substance use within a period of 90 days. People try to beat these tests by using methods like shaving, bleaching, and other home solutions. Anyhow, the effectiveness of these methods is no higher than forty percent. 

In contrast, the innovative formula of detox shampoo has a success rate of 99.9 % in eliminating the traces of drug use. There are various brands selling drug-detoxifying products, such as the old style Aloe Rid shampoo, which aid the process of detoxification. This product should be used intensively, between five and seven washes a day, to provide quick results. 

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Otherwise, people are suggested to use detox shampoo at least three to a maximum of ten days before testing. The formula is known to eliminate the external barriers so as to reach the inner layer of hair. It opens up the cuticles and gets the follicles ready for toxin elimination. 

The most commonly tested substances include cocaine, opioids, marihuana, amphetamine, and phencyclidine. They are tested with simple follicle tests, usually used by employers. Conversely, advanced follicle tests detect a vast range of residues besides the ones mentioned above. These include tramadol, methadone, OxyContin, benzodiazepines, PCR, Demerol, sufentanil, fentanyl, barbiturates, propoxyphene, etc. 

It eliminates environmental toxins

The environment is thought to have a negative effect on hair wellness, especially in areas with a dense population. There is a wide range of environmental stressors that cause damage to hair health, such as toxin exposure, smoking, pollution, etc. 

Hair damage is also triggered by smoking and second-hand smoke exposure. Exposure to smoke leads to follicle DNA damage and oxidative stress. People can make changes to their lifestyle to minimize the influence of environmental stressors, such as wearing a hat when heading outdoors, using special conditioners with protective properties, etc. 

Moreover, high-pollution environments increase the risk of developing a sensitive scalp syndrome, which manifests with dandruff, itching, root pain, oily scalp, etc. These symptoms are caused by the settlement of smoke and dust on the scalp. Learn more about the most common causes of scalp tenderness and sensitivity.

Nevertheless, detox shampoo is considered an effective solution for this problem, as it gets rid of the toxins deep inside the follicles. Such products are designed to provide results in individuals with different hair types who have experienced the harmful effects of the environment.

It gets rid of hard water deposits

Another benefit of using detox shampoo is removing hard water deposits, as most individuals wash their bodies and hair with hard water. Anyhow, this water type usually leads to hair loss and breakage. Hard water is infamous for its high mineral amount and causes mineral crystallization over time. When minerals crystallize on the scalp, this area is limited in terms of the moisture it absorbs. 

Detox shampoo, however, is famous for the elimination of excess minerals on the scalp. These minerals block the pores, which is why detox shampoo is designed to prevent such blockage and allow moisture to penetrate the scalp. If washing your hair with hard water, make sure to use such a detoxifying product to prevent damage.

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It provides protection against saltwater and chlorine

Given the summer has just started, the largest part of people will be cooling themselves in swimming pools and the sea. Consequently, contact with chlorine and saltwater is inevitable. Both salt and chlorine are considered harmful for hair wellness. Therefore, people need a product to treat the damage after having a swim in saline water or a pool. 

Fortunately, detox shampoo provides the required treatment against chlorine and saltwater damage. People are suggested to use it only hours after swimming in the pool or the sea. This product ensures hair structure remains intact along with the essential oils. Visit this URL,, to learn how to fix and prevent chlorine-damaged hair. 

It makes the hair lighter

Environmental toxins, hard water deposits, chlorine, saltwater, and styling products weigh the hair down, making it lifeless and flat. Instead of using dry shampoo for the purpose of lightening, you can use a detoxifying product. It’s the best way to restore the liveliness of your mane, especially if it’s color-treated. 

To sum up

Your hair needs detox occasionally to stay thick and properly moisturized. 

The ingredient labels should be checked prior to buying products of this kind to ensure good quality!

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