Signs That Indicate You Need A Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

Hip surgery becomes inevitable when you experience terrible pain that interferes with your routine activities. However, this should be your last option when other medical interventions, physiotherapy, and walking aids fail to reduce your pain. An orthopedic surgeon can help you to determine the right time for surgery based on your bone strength, general health and other medical histories such as infection in your body. Total hip replacement surgery has been a very common practice for those who suffer from arthritis and hip joint pain. This has been a very successful treatment line and the patients could restore their mobility and get relieved from pain easily. 

Certain signs show that you may require hip replacement surgery.  You need to look out for signs like joint pain, stiffness, loss of sleep, increased pain during humid weather, pain while doing activities, difficulty in climbing stairs and walking. Let’s have a look at these signs:

Hip or Joint Pain during Activities or at Night

You will experience a localized pain between your hip and the knee. It can also cause soreness during your regular exercise routine. Many take the help of pain killers to deal with the pain and others take the help of a cane and other aids. If the pain is so severe and leaving you with sleepless nights, it is time to consult a doctor.  For patients that are diagnosed with arthritic issues are usually referred for surgeries. For instance, the Altenburg Joint Replacement Surgery center experiences more patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Perhaps, such surgeries have proven to be highly effective in curing unbearable pains.

Stiffness or Loss of Mobility

In severe cases, you will experience stiffness in the joints especially the ball and socket joint that is present in the hip that prevents you from moving or lifting your legs. Your hip can also be swollen. In some cases, you may find it difficult to bend and put on socks and shoes. There could also be more pain in one leg when compared to the other. Your hip can stiffen when you sit for a long time like in a car or movie theatre.

Pain while doing any Movement or Walking

This is a very common symptom associated with hip arthritis. You may experience pain during your routine activities, or regular exercise. This severe pain is big enough to prevent you from walking and climbing stairs. You will experience a recurring and persisting pain when your hip is in a bad condition and the pain aggravates in the rainy season. 

When you approach a physician with the above signs and symptoms, you will be analyzed for your general health. A physical examination will be conducted to analyze the alignment of your hip, strength, and mobility. At this time you can describe the nature of your pain and if you have kept a record of your hip pain recurrence that can be shared with the doctor that will help in a thorough analysis. To confirm the damage and deformity of your hip joint, you will be prescribed for x-rays or MRIs. The doctor will suggest for a hip replacement surgery if your pain lasts while you are in the resting condition. This surgical treatment can alleviate your pain and bring you back to your normal life that you enjoyed the most.

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