Setting Up a Home Gym? Equipment and Which Bowflex Dumbbell is Better

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This year, many people have realized the value of a healthy lifestyle, sitting at home for the past 2 years not being able to engage in many types of activities, has given many people the confidence and boost to improve their lives for the better and one of the things that have been on top of the list of many, either as their new year’s resolution or as a realization, is to stay fit and active.

The main thing holding most people back is the dread of paying exorbitant fees for a gym membership or attending regular exercise classes. The idea of having to adorn yourself in a decent gym outfit and travel to the gymnasium or exercise class is also a factor that plays a part in many people’s decision-making process when considering this healthy lifestyle.

This is why many have adopted the idea of having their own private space at home, where they can do their exercises willingly, at any time of the day and night, and not have to be around other people or travel long distances sometimes. 

The trend has become more popular now than ever before and this year, according to these popular statistics websites, there has been an upsurge in sales for many types of home equipment since 2020.

The good news is, you do not need to spend large sums of money to set up your very own home gym space, that not only you but your family members and friends can enjoy. To find out what type of equipment you should get, keep reading. 

Equipment That Should Be on Everyone’s Home Gym List

As per the statistics mentioned above, two of the most popular items that have had an increase in sales over the past 2 years have been the stepper and weight benches. However, these are just two of many other items you could incorporate into your home. 

Below are just a few other popular and versatile ones for you to choose from, both big and small as well as a comparison of dumbbells. Something everyone should have regardless of exercise regime.

The first step for any fitness junkie is to invest in the right gear. There is never a need to over-spend on expensive branded things when you can get budget-friendly ones. even items that are as versatile and sustainable as bikes or cross trainers count as an activity, so try and think out of the box when it comes to choosing, and always do your homework or research before you buy anything.

First off, take into consideration why you want to set up a space at home. Could it be because you have a goal to lose some weight? Could it be because you have an injury from playing sports and so need an alternative means of a sport? Sometimes people do it to improve their heart health and more.

Exercise Bike

One of the best things you could get yourself is a bike. This is a fun and less boring way to get in a cardiovascular workout without putting too much strain or stress on your limbs, especially your knees or back. Plus, it helps to strengthen core muscles and hamstrings as well as other known benefits like these: The best way is to work out a sweat for at least 30 minutes every day to get your activities worth.

A Running Machine

Another item to consider is a running machine or what’s also known as a ‘treadmill.’ While working your core, and legs you can increase your endurance at the same time with this piece. They do not cost that much as some are foldable so you can slide them under your bed or couch for when there is a lack of space in your room.

Weight Bench with Weights or Dumbbells

As one of the best ways to do a full workout, if you don’t have enough of a budget to buy bigger or bulkier things, you can opt for a set of dumbbells. These are an all-rounder option as they can help you to strengthen your muscles, shape, and tone either your entire body or just your arms and legs or core muscles.

They are versatile and easy to store, not to mention small enough to keep in any cupboard or shelf and you can do specific types of workouts with them while pairing them with other things such as foam rollers or a yoga mat for added flexibility. 

The great thing about these is, that you don’t need to go to the fitness shop to buy them, and many online stores sell them, as long as you know what weight you will be going for. 

There may be a difference between these, however, and knowing what that is, can play a crucial part in your workout and your goals. There are the adjustable dumbbells and ones that are not. The reason for the difference is to help you adapt to them easier without causing any injury to your wrists or arms.

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Let Us Explain

You get the normal weights that are designed as a thick bar with two weights attached at the end and everything is kept together with a rubber or plastic cover. With these, you simply lift them, as they are stiff and do not move, and you do your various routines with them. 

Then there are the adjustable and movable ones known as the Bowflex dumbbells. These are the more comfortable ones because they are created with an adjustment mechanism or a dial, that you can adjust the weights on, and it has various settings to suit your needs. 

The weight adjustment system when you do a Bowflex dumbbells comparison is the most significant aspect of these. It also has dials that turn so you don’t injure your wrists while keeping them stiff like you easily could with the conventional designs you see in most gyms or fitness centers. 

They are also shaped differently in that some are round and others rectangular in shape, however, they perform the same motion, but you can choose the one you are more comfortable with. Gone are the days when conventional or mainstream items are being sold in small corner shops. You have more of a range of equipment and tools to choose from, so you can make the most out of your home gym and not have to pay a membership ever again. 

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