Secondhand Drinking: How it Ruins Other People’s Lives

Have you currently watched a news story about a car accident involving drunk drivers? How about a riot near bars and clubs? Or, in worst cases, harassment and murder by an intoxicated person? These are some of the effects of secondhand drinking. So, if you think secondhand only applies to smoke, wait until you discover how secondhand is much worse in alcohol.

Changes in Behavior

You probably have seen a lot of drunk people, especially during events and parties, who are normal and fine until the effect of the alcohol changes the behavior of that person towards others. In most cases, a person who is under the influence of alcohol tends to be fearless. Some even felt an increase in energy, as if they are invincible and can do anything. 

Effects of Secondhand Drinking

You may think that it is tolerable as long as they keep it. But, for a fact, you cannot control every situation. You cannot foresee if something terrible things would happen to even if you just stayed at home. The same thing with how unpredictable the effect of secondhand drinking is, below are just some examples of the typical incident that could happen that involves a drunken person:

  • Your child might be just crossing the road from school but got hit by a car being driven fast by a drunk driver.
  • Your husband could be on his way home from work and passed by a group of friends drinking alcohol and got harassed.
  • Your sister might just be hanging out with friends in the club but got involved in a fight between two groups of drunk people.
  • One of your friends might have a drunken husband and is getting abused.
  • And you might even be sitting at your home watching television when someone forcibly enters your house to rob and or hurt you.

A lot of unforeseen situations may happen, even if you are not the person who drinks alcohol, you are not safe from secondhand drinking as this may happen to anyone. And, the effect will ripple not only to those who are directly involved but to people around him until it stops, which is pretty hard when a person gets addicted to drinking alcohol. 

Most people drink alcohol to relieve themselves from stress, forget their problems, unwind, or some may celebrate even those little things just to make it as an excuse to have some drinks. Because the reality is, once drinking alcohol becomes a habit, it’s hard to get out unless you make it as your goal and main resolution.

Secondhand drinking might still sound like a light issue and not a severe problem for you until you experience its effect. But why wait until you and your loved ones experience it when you can do something about it, like raising awareness, encouraging people you know, especially those whom you knew is alcoholic to drink moderately. 

Alcohol is not bad at all, but just like many other things, having too much of it will always lead to unpleasant results not only to the ones consuming it but also to those around them.

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