Safety Measures for Older People With Dementia

Safety Measures for Older People With Dementia

As people get older, the risk of developing health issues grows, and certain illnesses will manifest in the body and brain. Dementia is a well-known health issue that leads to daily life complications and endangers those who suffer from it. People with dementia need specific safety measures to ensure their stability.

Have Someone Nearby To Help

Having an aide or someone who lives with a senior with dementia to help them perform tasks around the house is a great preventative measure. Seniors with dementia should not live alone. A person who is around to monitor someone will add an extra layer of protection even if there are safety measures already in place.

Limit Electrical Use

There are multiple appliances to keep track of throughout the home, such as lamps, toasters, or the washing machine. These items may present dangers to people with dementia because they might break the electrical appliance and injure or even electrocute themselves. Limiting the use of these items only when they need them will minimize the risk.

Controlling the use of electronics creates significant safety measures for older people with dementia. Placing plastic child covers on the outlets while not in service and removing them only to plug in an appliance temporarily will prevent a person from inserting a finger into the socket. Keeping electronics unplugged will decrease the chance of tripping over a cord and falling.

Cover Slippery Surfaces

Any time there is tile flooring and water, such as in the bathroom and the kitchen, there is potential for someone to fall and hurt themselves. This fall may have acute effects. On the tile floors and stairs that don’t have carpet, use pads and mats made of rubber or silicone to prevent slipping if any surfaces become wet.

Safety Proof the Kitchen

There are multiple sharp objects in the kitchen, such as knives and other utensils. Safety proofing the kitchen cabinets and the oven knobs are suitable safety measures for older people with dementia. Placing locks on the oven knobs will prevent a fire on the stove, while the locks on the cabinets and drawers will keep them away from sharp utensils.

Avoid Clutter

The hallways and stairs should always remain clear for a person with dementia. Any clutter could result in an older adult tripping and injuring themselves. Keeping the home organized and tidy will make things safer and more orderly.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensors around the stairs or bathroom will prevent falling or slipping. Fumbling around the dark is scary and frustrating, so a motion-activated light will make things safe at night.

Dementia is a daunting illness filled with many dangers and concerns for seniors and those they know. But with the best safety measures, this illness will demand less worry.

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