Risks of Having Intervention in Unverified Abortion Clinic

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Although the practice of abortion is a legal procedure, there are still a large number of women who will decide to carry out this intervention illegally, in places of dubious origin. These also can be clinics that don’t have permission for doing abortions.

Is there any need to mention all the risks this intervention can bring if it is done in a medically unauthorized way? Especially if you know that places, where these procedures are done, and the expertise of the staff are very suspicious.

Methods Are Not Medically or Legally Approved

Legal abortion is performed at the latest by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, either by surgery or by the use of abortion pills. Any other method is not legal, and no conscientious doctor will do it to you.

According to PRC Charlotte, the pill is not available in places that do not have a license to perform abortions, and the surgical method is allowed only in early pregnancy. Due to lack of experts and medical knowledge, these “clinics” have their own methods to cause a termination of pregnancy.

One of them is the use of sharp instruments, but also other objects, which will literally wrap the amniotic bag where the fetus is located. You think this is a medieval practice? No, this is what unverified abortionists do in the 21st century. Anesthesia? Sure, if you’re lucky. At the very beginning of the procedure, there is a risk of a toxicological reaction on anesthetics, as the required examinations and blood tests have not been done.

Then, there are various chemical variants to induce miscarriage, which mainly use plants and substances known as damaging for pregnancy. These substances can be administered orally, vaginally or by injection into the bloodstream. The dangers that can happen in this case are numerous. From poisoning to anaphylactic shock, which some of these substances can cause.

Hygiene Is Questionable

Luckily, the trend of illegal abortion is decreasing, but on the global level, there are still a large number of women who will put their lives in the hands of an incompetent person just to end the pregnancy at any costs.

There are reasons why medicine is a complex science, and why this job is not for everyone. Courses and knowledge from alternative medicine can’t replace years of studying and practice. And that is precisely what most of “abortionists” in illegal clinics have.

Besides, have you ever think of sanitary conditions in those rooms? If something is illegal, it doesn’t exist for the law. There are no certificated doctors or registered clinic. So there’s no cleaning lady to keep the place impeccably clean.

Women are more susceptible to infections and other illnesses; particularly, in the period after the abortion. The conditions during intervention must be sterile, and that’s not the case with illegal clinics. Also, the hygiene of the instruments is questionable, especially if you have in mind that these institutions don’t have regular beds sometimes. Sterilization is not their priority.

Why women are more prone to infections, read on the following webpage: https://www.livescience.com/36067-women-prone-infections-ovulating.html.

Reasons for Illegal Abortion

There are many reasons why this “dark trend” is still breaking news.  Women are mostly exposing themselves to a risk of illegal abortion when pregnancy is older than the legal deadline permits. This deadline is not the same for each country but roughly refers to the first trimester of pregnancy. It is then possible to perform a safe surgical or medication abortion, at the request of a woman, with prior medical checks.

When it comes to illegal abortions, women usually decide on it in later pregnancy. Some of them do it even in the period when it would be considered premature birth.

Other reasons may be of financial nature or the pressure of partner, family, or community where a person lives. Religious convictions, where women are not allowed to have sex before marriage, are also one of the reasons why they decide on this desperate move.

Besides physical rehabilitation, women need a psychological recovery after abortion. Especially if they had the traumatic experience because of the amateurism and the poor conditions in some of the illegal abortion clinics.

Sometimes, women can regret after the abortion. So before making this decision, you’ll need a lot of thinking, consulting with professionals, and courage. If the abortion is the only solution, do it in the registered clinic or health center, under the mandatory medical supervision. Remember, your health is in the first place.

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