Restoring Missing Teeth—How Important Does It Get

Despite the growing consciousness related to dental care, tooth loss is a commonly prevalent problem. It is not just an age-related concern but youngsters too can experience it due to injury or dental disease. Unfortunately, the implications of missing teeth can be more serious than you think. So replacing them as quickly as possible should be your top priority. The best thing is that you now have the option of dental implants, which is much better than the conventional alternatives like dentures and tooth-supported bridges. If you have been putting off the restoration of missing teeth, here are some reasons why you must go ahead with the treatment sooner rather than later.

Be confident about your appearance 

Obviously, missing a tooth or two can impact your smile and appearance to a significant extent. And beyond the superficial reason to prioritize treatment for the sake of aesthetics, you need it to prevent emotional distress. It is natural to worry about your looks and tooth loss can affect your confidence levels. Further, it can even result in low self-esteem, which can have a far-reaching impact on your personal and professional relationships. Thankfully, dental implants offer a permanent resolution for the gaps between your teeth and confidence. In fact, you cannot even make out the difference between an implant and a real tooth. 

Experience improved comfort

It is easy to imagine the discomfort caused by tooth loss because you wouldn’t be able to eat properly with the gaps between the teeth. While hard foods become difficult to bite and chew thoroughly, it may also become impacted uncomfortably in the gaps. The inability to bite and chew can keep you from enjoying your favorite meals and you will probably be uneasy when eating out or in social gatherings. Restoring missing teeth with implants is surely a good way to get your life back to normal. You may have questions like are dental implants safe, how much would they cost, and how long the treatment would take. Now is the time to seek answers from your dentist and get started with the treatment so that you can have the best choices in food and enjoy your outings as well. 

Ensure better oral health

Another good reason to get treatment for missing teeth right now is to ensure better oral health. When you lose even a single tooth, the positioning of the remaining teeth gets disrupted. You may even notice that they are shifting or tilting towards the gap. The movement compromises their stability and you may gradually see them affecting your bite as well. Another concern is that the bone that initially surrounded the lost teeth gradually resorbs. However, replacing teeth with dental implants stops unwanted tooth movements while the implant screw secures your jawbone too. 

Quick and effective treatment for lost teeth can go a long way in preventing subsequent dental issues. More importantly, it restores your smile and looks, which you can flaunt with amazing confidence. Surely, implants are a worthwhile treatment that every patient should opt for resolving the problem of missing teeth. 

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