Real Couples of 40+ Years Share How Their Relationship Changed Through Time

What does it take to make love last? 

Obviously, relationships change through the years. and while relationship change is inevitable, there are ways for partner to move forward together and embrace the new opportunities. 

If you’re wondering about the secrets of relationships that stand the test of time, you’ll probably enjoy these stories shared by people who’ve been together for more than 40 years. Needless to say, these people have faced challenges but they’ve found practical strategies to overcome these issues and turn them into growth chances. 

Anne and Jack, Married for 47 Years 

Relationship changes over time usually go unnoticed. Some events, however, have the power to shake up the little world two people have created. 

This is what happened to Anne and Jack after the birth of their first child. 

Without understanding exactly what’s going on, Anne went into severe post-partum depression. 

“It felt as if the entire world stopped making sense. I wanted to love my child but I couldn’t. I wanted to be by my husband’s side but I lacked the energy for it. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and stay there all day,” Anne shared. 

Post-partum depression can have a severe impact on relationships. And it doesn’t last just a month or two. For many couples, it can last months, even years when left unaddressed. 

Anne withdrew from her relationship and from her married life with Jack. While he tried really hard to be compassionate and understanding, Jack felt left out, isolated, lonely and even angry. 

Such change in a relationship is impossible to ignore but luckily, Jack did the right thing. 

Instead of getting angry, yelling or cheating on Anne, he prompted her gently but persistently to start opening up. 

Eventually, Anne began communicating all of her feelings, which contributed to a quick improvement in her condition. Needless to say, the couple emerged from that challenge stronger, regardless of the fact that it took them several years to get back to their pre-baby level of trust, commitment and communication. 

What’s Jack and Anne’s tip that they’d like to share with the rest of the world? Talk about it! Relationships change but leaving a partner out of what’s going on can quickly contribute to the demise of the marriage. Talk about the difficult issues and trust your partner. Chances are that they’ll be much more understanding that you give them credit for. 

Missy and Philip, Married for 43 Years 

At the time when Missy and Philip met, they were very young and full of optimism. They got married quickly, only five months after meeting each other for the first time. 

Obviously, getting into a marriage at such a young age would be indicative of inevitable change. 

Philip started a promising job as a regional manager for a large technological firm. He was making excellent money, giving the couple a chance to live a very comfortable lifestyle. Soon, the kids came and it seemed that Missy and Philip were set to experience eternal bliss. 

Then one day everything changed. 

The company that Philip worked for declared bankruptcy. Philip lost his job. Missy, a stay-at-home-mom was entirely dependent on her husband financially at that time. 

Financial worries and diminishing savings contributed to numerous fights and disagreements. At one time, Missy even considered getting a divorce. That’s just how unbearable the situation had gotten. 

Even if two people dearly love each other, financial issues rank among the primary contributors to separation.  They’re such a powerful stressor that they can easily kill every single positive emotion and bit of tenderness. 

Tired and worried, Missy eventually decided to get help from her family. She convinced Philip to use his managerial experience and the small family loan that the couple had received. Together, Missy and Philip launched a small family business focused on landscaping – one of Missy’s big passions. 

The financial change that came in the relationship really tested Missy and Philip’s faith. After a moment of desperation, however, Missy decided to take the lead and turn things around at a time when her partner felt lost. Her advice to other couples is simple – don’t be afraid to be in charge and take the lead, even if the measures are going to be unpopular with your loved one at first. 

These two examples demonstrate just how love and willpower can conquer all changes in a marriage or a committed relationship. 

Even if you find your significant other later on in life through a service like, you should still be prepared for change. Change is an inevitable part of life and quite often, it’s not something that you’ve signed up for. If you, however, maintain your patience, courage and love for another person, chances are that you will work through the obstacle and emerge much stronger on the other side. 

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