PTSD Starves When God Puts Food On Our Tables

risaBy Risa Ruse

There is a secret song sung in everyone’s heart that is heard in the night.

It is how Eternal Spirit guides us and keeps away the PTSD fright.

Here is what my song told me as I arose from sleep today.

“He puts food on my table, God is good” the lyrics did convey.

Even with a heavy heart this song will lift what makes us blue.

Remember that He will never make His servant beg for bread, that’s true.

Battling the past in trauma is what those with this Mental Health disorder do.

This illness effects more than just the mind in people like me, and you.

Turning off past negative thinking needs to be done.

If we do not, how else will we be able to have some fun?

Heart walls that hold onto hurts and fear are built so sound.

They keep us safe and from feeling emotions silenced all around.

The problem lies in that only anger and fear get out.

Changing old thought patterns makes life take a turn-about!

Following this new strategy will open the door to healing.

Prayer ignites this holy plan that will keep the heart revealing.

What are the tasks needed to accomplish this curative course?

Contemplating the Serenity Prayer will help heal trauma’s discourse.

There is another way to make the tape of distress stop playing.

“Count your blessings” is a very good saying!

Hint, a major one is revealed in this poem’s title today.

A tip is to start with the obvious gifts given per say.

What about the clean air we breathe and clear water we drink?

Catastrophes that threaten these we also need to acknowledge and rethink.

This is a macrocosm of how our thinking effects our environment, too.

Collectively negativity of greed, apathy, and such make the world blue.

On a smaller, personal scale these emotions cause us to be bound.

Sharing and caring for each other will make our lives rebound.

Cleaning out our closets can be a testimony that creates a conscious cure.

Getting rid of clutter starts here and then cleanses our thinking for sure!

When we connect to our Higher Power we are also getting back to life.

Giving thanks for gifts received will keep our minds from constant strife.

No longer will terror turn over the turntable in our mind.

Gratitude given makes comfort received that is the best gift in kind.

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