Practical Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

Practical Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

Many people find it challenging to keep up an active lifestyle, and cold weather can make daily activity goals even more difficult to attain. Less activity, dense seasonal foods, fewer hours of sunlight, and inclement weather can come together to create challenges for positive mental and physical well-being. Use these practical tips for staying active in cold weather to help you feel your best.

Spend Time in Nature

This tip might seem surprising, but spending time in nature can boost your mood, even when it’s chilly. If the weather outside is merely cold rather than frightful, an outdoor excursion can provide heart-healthy stimulation.

One of the best ways to appreciate winter and boost your activity levels is to go on a hike. Know how to dress for cold-weather hiking so you can stay comfortable and safe. The more you step outside, the easier it will be to withstand and even appreciate exercising in the cold weather. Not to mention, connecting with nature during this time of year gives you a unique perspective.

Participate in Virtual Workouts

The next practical tip for staying active in cold weather is to participate in virtual workouts. Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary, and you don’t have to leave the house to get a good workout.

When finding the right virtual workout for you, consider your fitness level and the equipment you have at home. Find an exercise class that interests you and read reviews to find an instructor who can motivate you and give you clear instructions.

Recharge Your Energy

It’s easy to feel sluggish during the wintertime. Shore yourself up with healthy habits that recharge your energy; eating nutritious meals, limiting ultra-processed foods, drinking water, and getting enough sleep can all help to restore your energy.

These foundational practices aren’t the only way to recharge. Engaging in your hobbies, trying out new activities, and talking to people you care about via phone, text, or in-person help keep you connected. Engage with what—and who—matters to you and avoid isolation to keep up your energy and activity levels.

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