Potential Culprits for This Embarrassing Problem of an Itchy Anus

Potential Culprints

An itchy anus is quite frustrating, that it dominates your life. In most cases, it worsens by the warmth and becomes quite cumbersome in bed. The skin around the anus easily becomes inflamed as well as irritated, more so because it can be challenging to keep it dry and clean. Additionally, the anus is sweaty and moist from vaginal or anal discharge, after which itching becomes a natural reaction, thus damaging the skin further. 

The Potential Culprits of Anal Itchiness 

  1. Cleaning the area too much or not sufficiently– Poor hygiene can certainly cause an itchy anus, as well as excessive cleaning with a brush and harsh soaps. 
  2. Leakage of feces– It can lead to itchiness in the anal area, due to prolonged contact with substances in the feces which irritate the skin. Statistics have shown that at least 70% of people with an itchy anus have loose feces. 
  3. Piles– It is an anal condition that triggers itchiness as a symptom due to the slimy discharge produced. 
  4. Wet Wipes– Commonly found in supermarkets and chemists, these pre-moistened toilet tissues may at times result in an itchy anus. The itchiness is caused by the preservatives, alcohol, and perfumes contained in the wipes. 
  5. Sensitivities to other chemicals– Perfumed soaps and bubble baths may be responsible for an itchy anus. 
  6. Creams and Ointments– These are notorious causes of an itchy anus. If you have anal itching, then purchasing an anesthetic gel for the anal region is a natural reaction. A profusion of these creams and ointments that are supposedly for hemorrhoids contain Tetracaine, Benzocaine, or Lignocaine. While these ingredients assist to alleviate anal itching, the sensitivity to either one may cause the itching to return. Thus, it is advisable to refrain from using these products for more than seven days. 
  7. Skin Conditions– Lichen sclerosis, psoriasis, and eczema affect the skin around the anus, thereby triggering itchiness. 
  8. Fungal infections– Fungi thrive in damp and damaged skin. Thus, if you have an itchy anus, and damage the skin by excessive scratching, then fungi certainly make it astronomically worse. 
  9. Sexually Transmitted Infections and Bacteria– The papillomavirus which causes genital warts is at optimum levels in moist and warm conditions, such as the skin next to the anus. Hence, this triggers adverse itchiness. Furthermore, since this virus is easily transmitted from the fingers to the skin around the anus, it can thereby occur around the anus in anyone. 
  10. Bacteria such as streptococci and staphylococci can result in an itchy anus, since the skin inflamed and red, and requires treatment with antibiotics. 
  11. Pinworms– These are small worms which reside in the lower part of the bowel. In the USA for example, there are approximately 39 million people that have pinworms. The female pinworms, for example, come out of the anus at night, thus making them easily transmittable when sharing a bed. Moreover, they lay tens of thousands of eggs at night on the anal skin, which causes severe itching at night. Upon scratching, the eggs lodge on your fingers, thereby making them transferrable to your mouth which then follows re-infection to your gut upon swallowing. If a myriad of people living under the same roof has anal itching, then pinworms may be the culprit. 
  12. Tight underwear, shorts, or trousers– Those made of elastic and synthetic fabric do not absorb sweat and heat. Therefore, this worsens the itching. 
  13. Anxiety– It makes the brain immensely hyper-alert to body sensations that would otherwise be ignored. People who go through periods of anxiety encounter an itchy anus as a magnified symptom. 
  14. Pleasure– It is worth questioning whether you are obtaining a nearly erotic, perverse and pleasure/pain experience from scratching an itchy anus. In doing so, the irritation continues. 

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