Passavant Hospital Foundation For Your Health Events

On April 2, at 1:00 p.m. at Club Julian 101 Corbett Ct, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, Passavant Hospital Foundation presents M. Melissa Moon, DO and Eric Helm, MD who will be discussing: Pain and Managing Pain. Living with pain can be a very miserable experience and it does not have to be.  This seminar will discuss what causes pain, and how to reduce and manage it. Please call 412-366-1931 to register for free Club Julian seminars.

On April 16, at 12:30 p.m., at the Senior Center, Cranberry Township Municipal Building, Passavant Hospital Foundation presents Weight Management & Safe Weight Loss for Seniors, From the Nutrition Services Department, UPMC Passavant.  The Registered Dietitian will be discussing how unique each person’s body is.  To lose weight and keep if off you need to know about good dieting, exercise, and behavior modification in order to improve your health and to successfully lose weight safely and maintain weight loss. Attend this seminar to learn and ask questions about weight loss and weight management for seniors so you can achieve a healthier, active lifestyle. Please call 412-748-6640 to register for this free course.

On April 15, from 6:30-8:30 pm, at CCAC-North, Rt. 19, McCandless, Passavant Hospital Foundation presents: Sandeep Kathju, MD,Ph.D discussing:How We Heal Our Wounds and Why We Sometimes Can’t . Dr Kathju, is Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Plastic Surgery Medical Director, UPMC Wound Healing Services at Passavant. In this presentation, Doctor Kathju will review the human body’s natural response to heal a wounded tissue, and the problem of wounds that fail to heal, with a discussion of the treatments modern medicine offers. Attend this seminar to learn more about: How We Heal Our Wounds and Why We Sometimes Can’t.

Please call 412-369-3701 to register for this free course #YEB-263-1450. For more information, visit


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