Online Slots: A Hobby or an Addiction

Online slots are by far one of the most fun and exciting ways to pass time but like all good things in life, we must be wise to do things within moderation. Too much of a good thing can be bad so gamers are always urged to take stock of their behaviors and feelings when playing. Slots are not black-and-white and whether they are a hobby or an addiction depends entirely on how you choose to play it. Below are a few indicators that this is no longer a hobby – play now.

If It’s An Addiction

Not sticking to limits

Whenever you begin a slot session it is important to know how long you intend to play for or how much money you can afford to wager for that particular sitting. If you find yourself making excuses for five or even ten more minutes over your time limit or end up wagering more than you allocated to chase losses, then you are venturing into dangerous territory. Healthy gaming is a fun way to get your adrenaline pumping but if you feel desperate or anxious for a win, it’s best to try slots at another time.

You lie

If you are not sticking to the limits you set yourself it will lead to lying to your loved ones or concerned parties. The lies could stem from trying to cover your tracks by fibbing about how much money you spend, lose or win playing slots. Another reason that people end up lying is when they set a time limit and exceed it greatly. This shows a lack of discipline synonymous with an addiction problem and could harm other aspects of your lifestyle such as family, work or even taking care of yourself.

You’ll win It Back

If this is your general thought process when you are unlucky on the reels then it can present problems. Remember, there is no strategy or guaranteed way to win at slots. It’s a game of chance and the only way you can make the money that you lost back, would be to wager even more money in hopes that you will get lucky. This is a very steep and slippery slope. 

If It’s A Hobby

Win or Lose, you remain the same

Of course, it is natural to feel a little disappointed if you do not win, especially if you are a competitive person but those who play slots as a hobby do not have their mood drastically altered by a loss. If you find yourself dusting yourself off after you’ve played according to your limits, and walking away smiling regardless then this is a hobby for you and you are displaying healthy habits.

Out of sight, out of mind

Your day is not centered or planned around the next time you will be home to play slots. When you are out and about you are enjoying all the aspects of your life that would remain pleasant even if you stopped playing slots altogether. If you do not see slots, you do not think about it and it does not affect your outlook either way.

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