Need More Confidence? Wear High Heels!

Feeling not so confident when hanging out in bars or standing in an elevator in your workplace? Perhaps you lack an essential element in your wardrobe. Yes, we’re talking about high heels. But before you get too excited to click that “add to cart” button, make sure that your feet are up for the challenge. If you are in Singapore, you can always find a good podiatrist for your foot issues to make sure that your feet are ready to rock that red stilettos.

Some women complain about the painful pressure on their feet, but wearing the right heels will help you to inhabit a different and bolder character. Here’s how slipping on high heels can boost your confidence.

  • Heels make you look taller

A study at Oxford University says that the majority of short women are also short on confidence. Height has an impact on how a person views her social status, and women of shorter height tend to feel paranoid about potential biases. This is because we live in an appearance-based society where “taller is better” is the famous mantra. There is no shortcut to appearing a little taller unless you wear a pair of high heels. Wearing heels will let you see the world at a better height, lessen your insecurities, and eventually stimulate your confidence.

  • Heels exude professionalism

Wearing high heels is a part of professional etiquette. The majority of companies require their female employees to wear heels to preserve their professional look and gain the customers’ trust. This is because people form perceptions of you based on how you dress and look. When you go inside the interview room, your recruiter’s impression of you will be significantly affected by the kinds of clothes and shoes you wear. Opinions are formed quickly, but they have a long-lasting impact on other people’s expectations and attitudes toward you. Wearing heels on your first day of work will probably earn you a good impression throughout your stay in the company.

  • Heels emphasize your femininity

In the earliest years, high-heeled footwear was initially made for male aristocrats to make them look taller and create a formidable persona. From being a symbol of patriarchal power, high heels have become the ultimate symbol of the female gender. Many scientific experiments confirm that wearing heels makes you look more attractive, especially to men. Stilettos or even pumps can accentuate the sex-specific elements of a woman’s walk. They make the feet smaller and cause you to sway your hips more, attracting more attention. Don’t forget that even the Prince searched for Cinderella because of her pretty, high-heeled glass footwear.

  • Heels enhance your posture

Having good posture is timeless advice for gaining that elusive self-confidence. By wearing the right heels properly, you become more aware of your movements and stature. They force you to straighten your back and prevent you from slouching. However, heels alone will not guarantee the best posture. You need to learn how to stand correctly in your stilettos. The rule is to put equal weight on your feet.

Who would have thought that footwear initially made for men could do so much for women? Go on and grab your pair of high heels and be the next Cinderella!

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