MVH Nurse Is Honored for Mission Work

Stache (left) receives his award from Dr. Vasu Melepati.
Stache (left) receives his award from Dr. Vasu Melepati.

Operating Room nurses help bring comfort to many people who will never know the names or faces of these dedicated health care professionals who play a significant role in helping to restore their health. Steve Stache, RN, an Operating Room nurse at Monongahela Valley Hospital, is one of those silent heroes.

Mr. Stache was surprised to receive recognition from an MVH physician during the hospital’s National Nurses Week celebration breakfast on May 9 for his contributions to the health and well-being of people throughout the world. Mr. Stache accompanied Vasu N. Malepati, M.D., an otorhinolaryngologist (a physician who specializes in disorders of the ears, nose and throat) and Chito M. Crudo, M.D. a general surgeon, on a medical mission to the Philippines in 2011.

“The award came as a complete surprise to me. ’I’ve worked with Dr. Malepati and Dr. Crudo for years and always wanted to volunteer for medical missions,” said the award recipient. “About four or five years ago I signed up for a mission but had to postpone it. When I was presented with the opportunity to travel to the Philippines with the two MVH physicians, the timing was perfect. It was a very rewarding experience. The staff of our hospital should feel very proud to know that supplies we took with us were put to great use in helping to treat the people in the Philippines.”

Dr. Malepati was impressed with Mr. Stache’s commitment to helping others. “It was truly a privilege and an honor for me to present the award to Steve,” said Dr. Malepati. “He is a very jovial and friendly person in the OR and a fine nurse. I know that his children have followed in his footsteps in medical careers — both his son and daughter are physicians — and I hope that they also follow in his footsteps to participate in medical missions with us.”

Mr. Stache has been a nurse at Monongahela Valley Hospital for the past 23 years. He lives in Charleroi with his wife, Cheryl, who is a teacher. They are the parents of Steven and Cassie who are physicians living in the Philadelphia area.


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