Monongahela Valley Hospital’s 25th Gala Raises $129,000

Monongahela Valley Hospital’s Vice President of Fund Development shares a moment with emcee Jennifer Antkowiak from KDKA-TV at the hospital’s Gala 25 on May 18.
Monongahela Valley Hospital’s Vice President of Fund Development shares a moment with emcee Jennifer Antkowiak from KDKA-TV at the hospital’s Gala 25 on May 18.

Over the past 25 years, themes for Monongahela Valley Hospital’s (MVH) annual Gala included everything from a Mexican fiesta to castles and knights, circuses, cowboys and even pirates.

But for its 25th Gala on May 18, guests reveled in the charm and sublime elegance of a silver anniversary and its nostalgia for “An Evening to Remember,” at the Westin Convention Center and Hotel in Pittsburgh. Nearly 600 guests attended.

The event raised $129,000 and a total of $2.529 million over the last 25 years, according to Sara Schumacher, vice president of Fund Development for MVH.

The event, which was sponsored by the Mon-Vale Health Resources Fund Development Committee and MVH’s Office of Fund Development, celebrated one business and three exemplary individuals for their commitment to excellence with Dimensions in Performance Awards.

These awards honor the multi-dimensional talents of special friends, benefactors and members of the health care family who have distinguished themselves in the areas of philanthropy, board leadership, medicine and civic well-being.

First Federal Savings Bank, represented by its President and CEO Patrick G. O’Brien of Amity, received the 2013 Rose Award for Dimensions in Philanthropy. This award recognizes members of the community for their benevolence and dedication to the enhancement of quality health care.

Nirmal D. Kotwal, M.D., of Pittsburgh, received the Sickman-Levin Award for Dimensions in Medicine. Dr. Kotwal serves as Monongahela Valley Hospital’s director of Pathology. This award honors outstanding physicians who contribute to health care in the mid Mon Valley.

Jeff M. Kotula, of Washington, received the 2013 Pallone Award for Dimensions in Board Leadership. Mr. Kotula is the secretary of both Monongahela Valley Hospital’s Board of Trustees and the Mon-Vale Health Resources, Inc. Board of Directors (the hospital’s parent company). This award recognizes excellence in service to both boards.

Carl Crawley Jr., of New Eagle, received the 2013 Gibbons Award for Dimensions in Community Service. Mr. Crawley is an accomplished local sports figure and coach who has committed his life to helping non-profit organizations from churches and the Scouts to the United Way. This award honors those who are dedicated to the health, social and civic needs of area residents and help to improve the quality of life.

Gala 25 began with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m., followed by dinner at 7 p.m.  KDKA-TV (CBS) news anchor Jennifer Antkowiak served as emcee for the evening.

“An Evening to Remember” concluded with a coffee bar and one of Pittsburgh’s finest variety bands, Finesse, a 14-piece “Superband” that has opened for Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago and David Sanborn. Guests danced until midnight.


Awardees and their guests:

  • First Federal Savings Bank, represented by its President and CEO Patrick G. O’Brien and Chris
  • Nirmal D. Kotwal, M.D. and Deepak
  • Jeff M. Kotula and Michelle
  • Carl Crawley Jr. and Sara

Other VIPs and their guests:

  • Congressman Tim Murphy
  • Chairman of Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi with Mary Jeanne Maggi
  • MVH President and CEO Louis J. Panza Jr. with Cheryl Timko
  • MVHR Board Chairman John “Jack” D. Fry with Karen Fry
  • MVH Medical Staff President Dr. Walter Cox with Beth
  • Mon-Vale Health Resources Fund Development Committee  Chairperson S.P. Hewie, M.D.
  • MVH Board of Trustees Vice Chairman R. Carlyn Belczyk
  • Emcee KDKA-TV (CBS) News Anchor Jennifer Antkowiak
  • Consol Energy Mike Somales
  • Hospital Council of Western PA A.J. Harper and Jamie
  • Limbach Company LLC Vice President Mike Balistreri and Anna Balistreri
  • Rose Plastic President Ken Donahue and Sue
  • Pittsburgh Transportation Jamie Campolongo and Darlyn
  • PNC Connie Genco
  • Volpatt  Raymond Volpatt Sr., and Raymond Volpatt Jr. and Tracy

Mon-Vale Health Resources Fund Development Committee

  • Chairperson S.P. Hewie, M.D.
  • Lillian C. Beattie
  • David T. Hunter
  • Jeff M. Kotula
  • R.G. Krishnan, M.D.
  • Anthony M. Lombardi
  • Maureen Lusk
  • Karen L. Quinto
  • Charles F. Muia
  • Louis J. Panza Jr.
  • Sara Schumacher
  • Daniel F. Simmons


Board Members and their guests —

  • Chairman John “Jack” D. Fry and Karen
  • Richard Barcelona and Sherry
  • Lillian Beattie
  • Mrs. R. Carlyn Belczyk and Gene
  • S.P. Hewie, M.D.
  • David T. Hunter and Leslie Kirkland
  • William J. Miller Jr. and Joyce
  • Chuck Muia

Medical Staff and their guests —

  • Dr. Estuardo Aguilar and Cherie Hnatow
  • Dr. Adil Chaudry and Amee
  • Dr. Chito Crudo and Josie
  • Drs. Natalie Furgiuele-Iracki and Daniel Iracki
  • Dr. Hiram Gonzalez and Mrs. Nicole McKinley
  • Dr. Mark Hofbauer and Cindy
  • Dr. Alex Kandabarow and Dr. Lori Cherup
  • Dr. Supote S. Komen and Sutinee
  • Dr. R.G. Krishnan
  • Dr. Thad Osowski and Vivian
  • Dr. Ari Pressman and Stacey
  • Dr. Andrews Spergel and Melissa
  • Dr. Oscar Urrea and Diana
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