Mobil Patient Monitoring: Another Progressive Service at Monongahela Valley Hospital

People who receive medical care in the Progressive Care Unit at Monongahela Valley Hospital may be wearing more than a hospital gown. MVH recently updated the telepaks now attaching a light-weight portable monitor to patients in order to continuously monitor the electrical activity in their hearts (ECG) and oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2,). The device also enables the medical staff to monitor other vital signs in real time when patients are on the move.

When patients wear the small monitors, nurses, physicians and other clinical staff can check a patient’s clinical status with a push of the button right in the patient’s room or at the bedside. All of the information is presented on a color touch-screen display.

“Our goal is to always provide the highest level of care to our patients,” said Mary Lou Murt, senior vice president of Nursing. “By using the device, patients have the ability to move freely, and our medical staff has immediate access to vital statistics in order to deliver the best care possible.


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