Miracles and Healing

YenPathHeadShotBy Jenny Gallagher 

Some people think miracles are rare occurrences and yes some are pretty amazing.  But let’s take a moment to consider any type of positive transformation as a miracle and how you can improve your odds in making some of your own.  The mind is powerful and if you believe in miracles you can create health and happiness.

A miracle by definition is “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs” http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/miracle?show=0&t=1320064808. The word extraordinary is subjective; in other words perception is involved.  If you believe something is extraordinary, then it is.  Divine intervention is faith based which is strongly rooted in our beliefs (thoughts) and feelings.  This does not mean you must be religious to believe in, or experience miracles.  It’s a feeling that something amazing has happened and usually leaves us feeling extremely grateful and awe-inspired.

Miracles are like beauty; they are in the eye of the beholder.  Some may even say beauty is itself a miracle. Both are all around us.  Look at a flower closely or marvel at a beautiful sight like the Grand Canyon or a newborn baby.

Why does it help to see miracles in everyday things?  Because you will shift how you think and feel; both of which motivate and inspire greatness.  Wellbeing is a perception and a state of balance, which means miracles, can occur in any area of your life.

Your thoughts and feelings are so profound they can literally heal.  Science is dedicating much time in the research of miraculous outcomes such as a terminally ill patient fully recovering or a person with physical or financial limitations achieving amazing results. The common link is how they think and more importantly feel about their situation.

Now think of a goal you have been struggling with and try these simple tips below:

  1. Notice what’s right in the world, not just what is wrong.  Being negative, fearful, unsure will not lead to positive transformation.  There is plenty of beauty, health and success even though we don’t hear about those things much on the news.  Seek them out. This will allow you to shift your beliefs (thoughts) and your feelings to a more positive and hopeful place. You begin creating miracles by seeing (believing) in them.
  2. Seek out support.  Find like-minded individuals or groups you can join so you can get new ideas and stay inspired.  You can create your own group; even you and just one other person will do.  Meet once a week to talk about your goals, accomplishments, and what you have noticed that’s right in the world around you.
  3. Be grateful.  So many times we only speak up when something doesn’t go well which was covered in Tip #1.  Thank people for even average service.  Find something positive even with the most difficult person and share that with them.  You may help to encourage their transformation as well.
  4. Don’t take anything for granted.  If you think your life is terrible just look around.  There are people dreaming to have a life as good as yours.  This attitude will help you to let the Universal Law of Attraction work in your favor.
  5. Turn off the news and do something inspirational.  Read, listen to music or go to an art museum. You can catch up on the news later.  Balance is important and this will help you to stay grounded and hopeful.
  6. Have fun.  Play time is not just for children.  Being joyful feels good and creates wellbeing which is the cornerstone to wellness.
  7. Look at your goals differently.  Many people think it’s going to be “hard work” to accomplish a goal, which is a limiting belief.  While the actual change may require work the outcome will be well worth it.  Focus on that instead.
  8. See the beauty and miracles all around you.  Notice the flowers, grass, trees and sunset. Observe one snowflake or drop of rain.  Notice how electricity literally lights and warms up your life.
  9. Create miracles for others.  A smile or a thank you are extraordinary and can profoundly change the life of another. Give generously.


Jenny Gallagher is a life, business and wellness coach in Sarasota Florida.  She does coaching over the phone so location is never a problem.  She is also the author of Four Steps to a Better Life and Yen Path: Taking Steps Towards What You Want in Life.  Jenny is also a motivational speaker, and yoga teacher.  For more information call 503-939-9552 or email Jenny at solutions@jennygallagher.com.  Her websites are www.jennygallagher.com, www.gallaghersolutions.com and www.yenpath.com.     

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