Milestone Centers Inc.

We recently become aware of another wonderful organization in the region: Milestone Centers, Inc., whose mission is to provide quality, life-enhancing services that promote wellness and the development of human potential.

The organization began in 1969, when a small group of parents decided their mentally disabled children deserved more than a wasted life in a state-operated hospital.  Taking matters into its own hands, this devoted group established what was then known as Allegheny East Mental Health & Mental Retardation Center, Inc.  The story goes that these committed parents literally “passed the hat” to pay the salary of Ray Webb, the organization’s first executive director.

Forty-three years and one name change later, they are now providing more services and serving more consumers than ever before.  Milestone offers services in both fields of Behavioral Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  Check out their Programs and Services page for further information.  And while you’re at it, check out their Success Stories section to get a more “hands-on” understanding of just what it is that they do!

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