Medical Waste Disposal Mistakes To Avoid

Medical Waste Disposal Mistakes To Avoid

When you’re working in any type of medical setting, there will always be waste that needs to be disposed of. This waste is often hazardous because of its containment of hazards substances such as blood and chemicals. Many mistakes can often be made when handling medical waste that could put human health at risk. Learn about the top medical waste disposal mistakes to avoid by reading below.

Failure To Separate Medical Waste

Medical waste comes in various types. One of the major mistakes you must avoid when disposing of medical waste is failing to dispose of it separately from the normal garbage. Mixing hazardous waste in with garbage will raise risks of endangerment to the public. Medical waste could contain hazardous chemical and bodily fluids that are toxic to human health. Lab packs offer a way to avoid this by providing multiple containers to hold specific types of medical waste. Look into how to choose a lab pack provider to ensure you get the right containers.

Multitasking While Handling Waste

When handling and disposing of hazardous medical waste, never, under any circumstances, multitask while doing so. Doing any other activities such as eating, drinking, smoking, or anything similar is incredibly dangerous while handling hazardous waste. This poses a serious threat to not only yourself but also the health of anyone else around you. The substances within medical waste could spread serious illness and disease, so you should always be focused on safely handling the material and nothing else until it’s been properly disposed of.

Not Properly Sealing Containers

This is another one of the serious medical waste disposal mistakes to avoid. As these containers will be carrying substances including bodily fluids, medicines, chemicals, and disinfectants, you must make sure they’re completely sealed. When they’re being taken to be discarded, these substances could easily leak out and come into contact with anyone present if their container isn’t properly sealed.

Discarding Sharps Improperly

Sharps are a very common and concerning part of hazardous medical waste. These could include needles or any other types of sharp objects used. They’re sharp enough to puncture someone if they accidently grab them; infection could happen since the sharp will most likely be covered in blood or other bodily fluids. For that reason, you must make sure to have sharps placed into proper solid containers provided that will prevent them from puncturing anyone.

Not Protecting Your Hands During Handling

A last mistake that commonly gets made is failure to wear proper hand protection. This might seem like it should be common sense, but the mistake still gets made. Again, with the types of hazardous waste you’ll be handling, even after they’re in the proper containment, you should always wear proper gloves. These will act as an extra defense in case there’s any leaks or any accidents.

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