How Medical Apps Maintain Your Health and Mind?

By Ray Parker

The medical apps have an imperative role in a play in decreasing emergency room visits and hospitalizations throughout the healthcare continuum. This is done by enhancing care coordination and communication among doctors, nurses, specialists and others.

According to a research, the re-admission rates at a hospital have been decreased by 92% whereas the emergency room visits reduced by 87% with greater communication and the utilization of mobile health applications.

The utilization of mobile communication tools has led increased patient engagement. This means more people are focused on enhancing their wellness and health. This includes continuing exercise routines, sticking to a health doctor-recommended diet, following their medication timetable along with follow-up appointments.

Here are some ways through which medical apps maintain your health and mind.

1.    Assist In Emergency Care

This is one of the most important areas where mobile health apps can help individuals in the emergency room amongst hydrocephalus patients. In this scenario, mHealth apps are able to save important information about a patient’s medical history, medical or shunt devices installed, patient’s surgery and vital notifications.

This is imperative in the emergency room because patients with a shut and hydrocephalus installed in their brains could have health the failures of the medical devices. If you have a mobile health app will give help to a healthcare provider. This is done by describing everything they need to know about the previous medical devices and operations. It is a major progress for this specific patient population. 

2.    Helps in Diagnosing Diseases

Mobile apps and health devices are actually making a strong effect in the healthcare industry. This is because these apps are able to diagnose diseases and prevent the chances of developing dangerous medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

To get in detail of how these apps assist in diagnosing diseases, there is a medical app named Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) care. The app helps to calculate eGFR. This is based upon input encompassing urinary findings, demographics, and creatinine ratio. It produces the differential diagnosis for a particular patient. This app also contains fast reference guides for each of these diagnoses based on NKF strategies.

CKD care assists healthcare provider to take care of patients with chronic and acute kidney diseases. It provides help to critical care providers, emergency medicine, primary care, students, and resident.

3.    They Provide Accurate Trend Prediction

When an app is connected to a medical device, the immediate consequence is the formation of extra patient information. This data when examined and understood is assured to lead to more correct forecasts in the healthcare industry.

4.    Provides Opportunities For Enhanced Patient Interaction

Do you remember that day when you were scared of visiting the doctor? Now, with the flourishing healthcare apps and medical connectivity, you have to interact more regularly with your consulting doctor. This augmented communication helps lead to enhanced health.

5.    Provides Improved Patient Safety

With the assistance of apps, you have more knowledge about your health. In this way, you are more likely to contact the doctor at the happening of symptoms rather than waiting for the problems to expand. Apps like DoctorMole is the one that seizures a mole on your body via the phone’s camera and then examines it established on an algorithm. This app can assist you in getting an initial idea if the mole is cancerous or not.


Mobile connectivity is said to upsurge as patients and doctors become smartphone users. All in all, mobile apps are set to further ease patient care. Therefore, it will definitely positively impact the healthcare industry.

Mobile technology has played an imperative role in laying the foundation for connecting the gap between healthcare professionals and patients. It will positively modernize numerous medical procedures and assist patients to be more responsible and proactive towards their health problems.

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