Make Any Daddy Super Daddy with Unique Dad-Centric Products by Daddy & Co.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.35.18 AMToday’s Dads aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  So give them daddy gear they can rock in style and be proud to call their own.

Daddy & Company’s cohesive line of durable and innovative products provides dads in every stage of fatherhood a way to proudly proclaim, “I’m the Daddy!”  From comfy one-of-a-kind delivery day scrubs to everyday baseball caps and diaper packs, Daddy & Company will keep him confident, organized and ready tackle any super-daddy situation from the delivery room and beyond.

Who said baby showers can’t be about daddies too!  Daddy & Co.’s DaddySwag Gift Set is the ultimate shower gift and includes everything a dad-to-be needs to prepare for his role as # 1 dad.  With everything from a cool coffee mug, awesome pens, and stylish sunglasses to the popular and super comfy daddy scrubs, this set will have everyone smiling and leave no doubt come delivery day of who’s the daddy.  Ian Ziering Daddy of the year (2013) is a celeb fan and supporter of Daddy Scrubs!

With Spring around the corner, the Daddy Diaper Pack is just what he’ll need for worry-free strolls through town with baby or afternoon adventures in the park. This pack’s easy and functional design eliminates fumbling through deep pockets, and the convenient clip-in straps make taking on and off a snap.  In manly shades of black or camo, it’s the ultimate utility pack with spaces for keys, pacifiers, extra clothes, changing items, and more.  It even has an insulated cooler pocket perfect for snacks and a secret co mpartment for stowing away anything dirty or stinky.  It’s like the 007 of diaper bags for the 007 of dads!

With babies, changings can be unpredictable.  That’s why Daddy & Co.’s Disposable Diaper Changing Pads are an essential component of every on-the-go daddy bag.  Super absorbent, gentle, and worry free, these leak proof and ultra-convenient pads are ready to go wherever and whenever baby might need them.

Dedicated to encouraging involvement and engagement between Dad and child, it’s no wonder Daddy & Co has become a favorite of celebrity dads like Antonio Sabato Jr., Kevin James, Ty Murray and more, or why celebrity moms like Candace Cameron and Beverley Mitchell have become fans of its fun and innovative products.  From books and tees to caps and bags, Daddy & Co provides exceptional products and meaningful experiences for any dad at all stages of fatherhood.

Robert Nickell launched Daddy &Co. after learning he was to become a father for the fifth time.  Wanting a comfortable alternative to street clothes while comforting his wife in the delivery room, Robert created doctor-like scrubs for himself. To eliminate any confusion between who’s the doctor and who’s daddy, he fashioned the concept of declaring “I’m the Daddy” on the scrubs and Daddy & Co. was born.  The company continues to evolve into a creative line of functional parenting products designed just for dad,  and to build a sense of community where daddies everywhere can come together to share in their pride and belonging.

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