Low-Cost Technology and Tips That Can Help Seniors with Diabetes Stay Healthy

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Do you have diabetes? Thirty million Americans have diabetes, and it’s estimated that millions more have prediabetes. Seniors are at an even higher risk of diabetes, and roughly 25 percent of older adults have diabetes. If you’re living with diabetes and are concerned about your health, there are low-cost devices that can help you monitor your health and wellness and improve your overall well-being. This technology can guide you through difficult health decisions, track your blood sugar levels, and motivate you to make smart choices.

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Tracking Important Numbers

Managing your diabetes as you age starts with tracking some very important numbers. You need to monitor what you eat, calculate how much insulin you should take, and track your fitness routine. Fortunately, many low-cost devices on the market today can make all the difference in maintaining your health and wellness.

One of the most important devices for managing your diabetes is a glucometer. Simply poke your finger with this device and it will display your current blood sugar level. Seniors should look for a glucometer that’s easy to use and has large buttons and a bright display. A continuous glucose monitor also shows your blood sugar levels, and it combines a sensor on your arm with a reader that displays your blood sugar level at any time. You’ll be able to monitor your health more often and access handy graphs displaying important data.

Fitness trackers help you log your daily activity, and a heart rate monitor or smart scale will help you make the best health decisions. To find these tech items for your health, purchase them from online retailers to help keep the cost low.

Helpful Apps

If you have diabetes, learning how to use apps will make your life easy and take the stress out of health management.  APPS like MyFitnessPall or LoseIt! will help you monitor carbs and calories, as well as keep track of your daily exercise. You can see at a glance if you need to eat a bit less or exercise more, and you can make smart decisions about how much insulin you need to take. 

Seniors can also try a more comprehensive diabetes app like Diabetes:M or Glucose Buddy that will help you with all your diabetes management needs. The best part is that many of these apps are completely free!

If you’re going to be using apps to manage your health, you may want to invest in a popsocket. This device allows you to easily and comfortably grip your smartphone with one hand which improves usability.  

Making Smart Decisions

With all this information, you can make smart decisions about your health regardless of your age. Technology will make it easy for you to know what you should eat, how much you should exercise, and exactly how much insulin you need. You can have an accurate picture of your overall health and activity levels and feel confident in the health decisions you make.

Finding Motivation

Are you struggling to stay motivated when it comes to diabetes management? Your technology can help with that too! Using a fitness tracker or app to monitor your diet can motivate you to be healthier, and you can set personal goals around an activity or healthy eating. Your technology will motivate you to meet these goals and you’ll soon see an improvement in your health. 

Using your smartphone or computer, look for online communities, join free support groups, or find a forum where you can get the support you need from other seniors living with diabetes. You can find a community that will hold you accountable to your health goals, remind you to eat well, and encourage you to meet your daily exercise goals.

Technology can be a great tool if you know how to use it appropriately, so research the tech and apps available to you, find support and motivation, and get the low-cost technology that will help you manage your diabetes and stay healthy through your golden years.

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