Live a Better Life: 4 Must-Know Benefits of Cryotherapy

If George Lucas had known that freezing Han Solo’s body would become a real futuristic therapy for treating pain and other symptoms, he could have made double his money on the Star Wars franchise.

Lucky for you and any other sufferers of disease like rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and muscle spasms, the benefits of cryotherapy are now part of common medical knowledge.

You can read about 4 specific health problems that can be treated with cryotherapy below.

1. Speed Up the Healing Process

If you’re asking the question, “What is cryotherapy?” the answer is a revolutionary new way to treat different ailments.

Cryotherapy booths or stalls expose patients to extreme cold, sometimes freezing, temperatures for a few minutes at a time. While exposure to these temps for long periods of time is detrimental to your health, short term periods can actually promote healing and pain relief.

Using cryotherapy can help to speed up the healing process. Both whole body cryotherapy and cold water immersion have been cited to help speed up recovery after strenuous workouts. If you try a cryotherapy session and appreciate the way you feel after, you may be tempted to buy your own cryotherapy machine.

2. Pain Reduction Benefits of Cryotherapy

Using a cold system like cryotherapy reduces migraine symptoms. With cold against the carotid artery, the patient’s blood cools down and helps relieve the head pain associated with migraine headaches.

Cryotherapy also reduces arthritic pain. It decreases joint pain and increases tolerance for other types of therapy to help with rheumatoid diseases.

The nerve pain from pinched nerves or athletic injuries is treatable with cryotherapy. It helps numb the pain with a cold for these types of injuries, leading athletes to come back again and again after practice.

3. Easing Mental Health

The temperature has a natural effect on your body’s production of hormones. These hormones, like endorphins and adrenaline, help your body regulate moods. As a result, sufferers of anxiety and depression may also benefit from using cryotherapy techniques.

In fact, one study showed that around a third of its participants felt at least half as depressed or anxious as they did before they underwent treatment. The cryotherapy chambers feel similar to a spa treatment.

4. Skin Problems Be Gone

One of the best cryotherapy benefits is relief from skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. Patients with other forms of dermatitis may also be good candidates for this treatment.

Studies show cryotherapy decreases inflammation by raising levels of antioxidants in the blood. It may also target sebaceous glands to help with acne.

Feeling Better Right Away

The many benefits of cryotherapy make it easy to see why you should try out cryotherapy today. Whether you have arthritis or another rheumatoid illness or a skin condition, studies have shown that cryotherapy chambers can help ease the symptoms.

Migraines, muscle pain, and even mental health issues may indicate a need for a cryotherapy session. Get started with cryotherapy today!

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