Lasik Eye Surgery Has 6 Top Benefits

45 million people in America wear contact lenses. Are you one of these people?

Some people do. If you don’t, we understand your pain. It can be frustrating to have to wear glasses or contact lenses every day.

They are still essential for reading, driving, and most other daily tasks. You might be able to reduce the need for contact lenses or glasses.

LASIK eye surgery may be a solution. It could be the right solution for you, regardless of whether you’re nearsighted, distantsighted, or have astigmatism. Is it right for you? Here are 6 benefits of LASIK!

1. Corrected Vision

LASIK can improve your vision. How does LASIK correct vision problems and what exactly is LASIK?

We must first understand what the cornea is, and how it correlates to our vision to understand how it functions.

What’s The Cornea?

The cornea is a clear, dome-shaped layer that lies over the eyes. It protects the eyes from dirt, dust, and germs. It can also be used as a window to allow and focus light through our eyes.

The cornea’s curved shape refracts light that enters our eyes. You may also experience vision problems. However, the cornea’s shape can play a significant role in one’s visual ability.

What’s Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik surgery Dallas Texas decreases the need for contact lenses and eyewear. It is not designed to restore 20/20 vision. However, many LASIK patients have visions that are 20/20. Some people even get 20/15 vision or better.

During LASIK, the surgeon makes a small incision across the cornea using a laser. This creates an incision right above the cornea’s surface. They then lift the flap after making the incision.

A second laser is used to reshape and shape the cornea. The cornea can then retract light better along the retina located at the back.

LASIK surgery does not always work perfectly. Nearly two-thirds of LASIK patients have to wear contacts or glasses on occasion. 80% of patients felt completely satisfied after their LASIK procedure.

2. No Pain

Is it scary to imagine a laser making an incision on your eye?

You would be surprised at how little you feel! LASIK is a popular procedure because it causes minimal pain i

Your surgeon will give you numbing eye drops before the procedure can begin. These drops feel the same as other over-the-counter or prescription eye drops. These eye drops contain a local numbing agent that is used to numb the eyes.

After applying the eye drops, the eye drops infiltrate the entire eyes as soon you blink. Only your eye will feel numb. It will not affect your eyelids or the surrounding area.

Only one thing you will feel is the speculum being used to hold your eyes open. Some patients may find this uncomfortable or outlandish. However, it is no different from when you use contact lenses.

What Happens During And After The Procedure?

The incision and reshaping portions of the procedure will be painless. When your surgeon creates the flap, you may feel some pressure or discomfort. The discomfort and pressure you feel will be minimal.

Throughout the remainder of your procedure, your surgeon will ask you to keep an eye on a light. Your surgeon will direct the laser at your cornea as they reshape it. This usually takes less time than a minute.

The flap will be lowered by your surgeon. There is no need for stitches or bandages. Your surgeon will then give drops and send your home wearing protective goggles.

It takes approximately one day for patients to recover from surgery. On the day of surgery, some patients may experience minor irritations, tearing, or sensitivity. These side effects should disappear within 1-2 hours after the eyes heal.

3. Instant Results

After surgery, patients will notice a marked improvement in their vision. Some patients will not require glasses after surgery. Others may still require them, although they might need less.

Patients can return to their daily activities as soon as possible after the surgery. Patients should not swim or wear eye makeup for approximately two weeks.

It’s common for patients to feel glares and halos as their incision heals. They will disappear in the weeks that follow surgery.

4. Save More Money

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the cost of contact lenses, frames, or contact solutions. Even an occasional appointment to see an optometrist could cost you a lot. Patients who have LASIK can save money over the long term because they no longer need to wear glasses.

You’ll also wear your glasses less often, if at all, so your frames will last longer.

5. Greater Self-Confidence

After LASIK you will no longer be concerned about how your glasses look. You will also feel more relaxed, active, and spontaneous. It’s no longer necessary to worry about looking for glasses.

You can also play sports more freely with LASIK. No need for goggles. No need to adjust your glasses or worry that they might fall off.

Do you serve in the army or have a job that requires vision? You don’t have to worry about your vision affecting your ability to perform your duties.

6. Allergy Relief

Do you have seasonal allergies and wear contact lenses?

You may experience itchy, watery eye syndrome. This is because your contact lenses trap pollen and further irritate your eyes.

LASIK means you don’t have to live with seasonal allergies. Instead, you can enjoy the changing seasons with no discomfort.

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