Author Gets Inside Wives’ Heads

3987ed_35e59eac29b656a8463c4708b7996c35.jpg_srz_400_270_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzA recent new book, It Really Is That Complicated, by Dr. Charles Rawlings, reveals that relationships are nearly doomed from the start.

There is a natural conflict that inevitably develops once two individuals enter into a romantic relationship. Rawlings offers his thoughts on this widespread travesty, and why it may not mean the death of marriage after all.

Beginning with the first chapter discussing marriage and ending with the final chapter asking questions about the human condition and relationships, the book grabs the reader and propels them through the exotic (and erotic) landscape that is the foundation for male/female relationships.

No topic is too controversial for discussion.

Dr. Rawlings, born in Johnson City, Tennessee, studied at Duke University for three years and then at Duke University Medical School, graduating with an MD degree three years later in 1982. He  subsequently began his neurosurgical residency at Duke University Medical Center. During his undergraduate and medical school tenure, Dr. Rawlings received multiple honors including being elected to Phi Beta Kappa and the AOA honor society before completing his residency in 1989.

While in residency, Charles continues to pursue his interest in travel, and also became fascinated by pain, its substrates, and functional neurosurgery. During this time, he has penned a multitude of scientific articles, got married, and became a certified scuba diver, a certification that would deeply affect his subsequent endeavors.

It Really Is That Complicated is available on Amazon

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