Is Vaping a Healthy Trend?

Vaping is generally regarded as a healthier option as compared to cigarettes, all because they work on a battery, flavoured aerosol liquid and a heating element. But the fact is they still consist of nicotine, which can be alarming to our health. In the studies conducted on vaping till now, it is less likely to find any contrasting ideas to the fact that vaping is comparatively safer than cigarettes. This is solely based on the fact that vaping produces less carcinogens than traditional cigarettes. But this doesn’t mean that you can vape free of worries.

Recent research by UCLA suggests that people who vape e liquid like loaded ejuice are more likely to be under oxidative stress and have an increased rate of adrenaline levels in their heart. These two factors are the primary foundations for developing a heart disease, which can be dangerous to the people. Although there is a lot of campaign about vaping helping people to quit smoking, but the effectiveness of vaping still remains in question and the validity of its healthiness remains unexplored. A tiny fact that can be obtained from the studies is that vaping is less harmful than smoking; because of the aerosol vapours which are not as dangerous as tobacco smoke.

Effects of Vaping on Health

Vaping delivers nicotine to our bodies which is a highly addictive compound. This can cause many negative side effects to our bodies such as affecting brains of young teens and adults, foetuses in women who are pregnant and even lung diseases.  Vapor in Juuling consists of harmful substances such as diacetyl, nicotine, VOC’s, carcinogens and small amounts of metals as well. Inhaling vapours makes you vulnerable to all these compounds which can harm the body.

Even the liquids used for vaping can be dangerous to the adults and children, especially if they are consumed directly by swallowing, breathing or being absorbed. This is why you can not label them exactly safe; because of their possible harmful effects and threat to public health. The biggest problem around the world is the increasing popularity of vaping, which might re-ignite and re-normalize the smoking habit which had been avoided for years.

Nowadays, the idea of vaping has become very popular among teens as well. Surveys have collected information on so many students who have admitted to trying vaping because of the fascination of the idea of flavours. These are the flavours that are becoming a public health concern. Due to this increasing act, the American Association for Health has decided to:

  • Increase taxes on vape to make the youth re-consider their decision on vaping.
  • Ban the admission of flavours to vape other than tobacco or menthol.


Although the long-term effects of vaping are still not understood clearly, it is clear that vaping is a rapidly increasing trend, but not a healthy trend. This may be helpful for chain smokers, but for people who are young, this is becoming an object of fascination and symbol of personality in the young adults.

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