Is It Weird to Have Sexual Fantasies?

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The sexual revolutions (so called, anyway) of the 60s and 70s really have nothing on the past five years of the 21st Century. Think about it for a second, we have more acceptance and tolerance of diversity in our society, to the point that it stands out when somebody isn’t tolerant of somebody else’s choices. This isn’t only limited to sexual and gender preferences, it’s a sign of the times… we’re all unique and have a story, let’s all be tolerant and understanding of each other. It’s a great thing, and apart from a few isolated examples of this not being the case, I really do believe the majority of people are tolerant of one another and their choices.

Part of this already happened before we even knew it in revolution, and has led to a social and personal freedom to be more sexual, both privately and socially. If you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or partner who is transitioning, or if you like to dress up like a dog and have your partner feed you before spanking you; it’s not really going to raise an eyebrow anymore, so have at you, and enjoy yourself (and others) in the process. The topic of dildo use/ownership was still largely taboo, even during the aforementioned sexual revolutions, with most men and women treating the topic with some division, even though use has gone from around 1% of women to over 53% admitting to having used/owned one (or more) in the past three decades. It’s now a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA alone, with all kinds available, even ejaculating dildos are now quite popular, which is kind of where this post is going.

So we’re okay with sex toys as a society now and even something like an ejaculating dildo. Phew! Took a while but we’re finally there, along with accepting a few other great and equally deserving choices we can all make now without fear of persecution. But how close should you get to your toy? Is naming it too much, and do you think about him/it a little too much?

Like any form of fantasy that’s enacted, sex play has its obvious benefits, and developing an attachment to your… attachments, well this is actually a natural progression. It’s quite normal. Thinking about play as a stimulating memory, or as a future reward; like when you get home from work, finish the article etc. etc. This is also a natural human response and a healthy system of treating yourself for doing well and meeting your goals. 

If you’re spending all day, even work time, thinking about or using said toy (whatever his name is), you do run the risk of developing a negative feedback loop in your life, which invariably begins to suffer as common sense needs (like work and money) are overtaken by Troy, or Buck, let’s say, for argument’s sake. So, use your toys with abandon, but don’t make a career out of it, unless you’re being paid to do so and it comes with a pension plan.

I need a dildo that comes when I do, or something that has an extra feature to take me over the edge. Is that too weird? 

The diversity of the modern dildo is as wide a scope as the practices and fantasies of those who use them as part of their own sexual expression. You can have a thrusting, pumping organ, and they will spin when you reach your big O moment, so it’s perfectly fine, even part of the design of many modern sex toys. Yes, they’re intrinsically designed to have a feature that takes everything up a notch, to assist you and make the climax experience stronger than one without the help of your favorite toy. And, squirting dildos aren’t new, but the technology behind them is creeping, rather than spurting forward, with a large portion of the modern sex toy market being driven toward life size sex dolls, which can retail for many thousands of dollars over a twenty dollar squirting dildo. So, which do you think manufacturers are going to be developing and pushing onto shelves faster?

You’re not weird if you love, think about and enjoy the toy you have, and have found something that actually gets you off like nothing else on earth. In fact, all power to you! We name and adopt things we like, including things we love, things that please us, and any other experiences which have a special place in our hearts (and our nightstands). If yours is an ejaculating dildo called Enrique, or a finger vibrator called Mr. Tickles, it’s totally fine. If you aren’t breaking the law and only pleasing yourself while exercising your right to be you, you can hold your head high and think about him/her/it… and for as long as you still get some work done and pay the rent, occasionally.

Life’s short. I say enjoy it, and if you can share it with someone, that’s awesome. If you have to share your greatest intimacy with a lump of plastic sometimes, there’s no shame in that either. Because, as you know, when that lump of plastic, ejaculating dildo becomes Enrique again, well… that really is a whole other story.

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