Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Exercise?

Pregnancy requires a lot of life changes, but it doesn’t mean that a woman’s life should stop altogether once she finds out she’s pregnant. You may need to eat healthier food-but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do anyway even if you’re not pregnant?-and have to watch yourself from doing strenuous activities. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot live an active lifestyle even if you’re now a child-bearing woman.

Your trusted ob-gyn in Provo should tell you this: It is perfectly okay for you to remain fit and start an exercise routine when you’re pregnant. In fact, except for some cases, expectant mothers are encouraged to enjoy some light physical activity because it’s good for their overall health.

If you are doing a new exercise, make sure to start slow, and don’t push yourself too much. If you are already following a gym routine, you can replace some of the more strenuous and demanding exercises with light physical activity that won’t put too much pressure on your body.

Remember that although it is okay to hit the gym even when you’re pregnant, you cannot over-exercise your body because that might hurt your pregnancy. Also, you must speak with your doctor before committing to any exercise routine.


Pregnant women can do swimming exercises since these are considered a stress-free environment for expectant mothers. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise, and it is also a full-body workout that makes use of all major muscle groups. It strengthens the body and tones the muscles.


Do you ever wonder why women who are in their ninth month of pregnancy are advised to take a walk so that it will be easier for them to give birth? Walking is a cardiovascular activity. It exercises and strengthens your heart. When the time comes for you to deliver your baby, your heart-and different muscle groups you have also used for walking-is more prepared for the stress that the pain is giving it. Also, you can consider walking as a social activity since you can walk with your friends and neighbors and talk about your day.


There are specific dancing classes for pregnant women. You might want to check them out. Dancing is a no-stress activity that activates all major muscle groups and strengthens the ones you need to deliver a baby. It also burns calories, so it’s a safe bet for expectant mothers who have gained a few more pounds than they should.

Light Weightlifting

The common misconception is that pregnant women should not be allowed to carry any heavy objects. That is true. That’s why if you are pregnant, you should do lightweights. The controlled movements of light weightlifting will tone the muscles and keep you in shape. It also prevents aches later on in the pregnancy and increases metabolism, which allows your body to recover more quickly after giving birth.


This is probably the safest exercise for pregnant women. Some programs are specifically created for expectant mothers. They do light stretches and plenty of meditation. Yoga is a great stress-reliever for women, whether pregnant or not.

While studies have already shown that pregnant women can still exercise and participate in physical activity, always proceed with caution. Talk with your physician regularly to make sure that your condition allows you to exercise. If you are asked to stop because you have a sensitive pregnancy, heed your doctor’s warning. The safety of your baby is more important.

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