Is it possible to live without sex?

Desire and attraction are something that have always brought up questions and confusion to everyone. Trying to understand them so as not to do something wrong and stop them is what everyone wishes. But the truth is that no one has control of them one hundred percent, unfortunately. The people with a closer understanding of sexual desire such as the Adelaide escorts take benefit from it, but even them can’t control it completely. It depends on the situation, the environment, the upbringing, the personality and many other things after all. 

Even society itself seems to set a “natural” way of life, where in the end you have to find a partner and start a family. But, what is understood as normal and natural nowadays? Every time in advertisements, series and films the same thing is shown, if you don’t follow those guidelines, like everyone else, does it mean that it is bad?

The answer is very simple, no. Every individual is different, has different tastes, habits, traditions, hobbies and a very long etcetera. But the most important thing is the goals in life. The first thing you have to do is to know yourself well in order to know what you want to achieve. 

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What happens is that, in the end, human beings are social by nature and it is inevitable to interact with the rest of the people around. Whether at work, at school, in the street… In this way, the attraction and desire that were mentioned above always arise. 

Something that no one seems to be able to escape. But to what extent is this true? Is it possible to live without relationships? Practically everyone has a friend or acquaintance who has been single for a long time, others who have been with a partner for a long time and others who wherever they go they manage to flirt. This is where all those social beliefs about which is better or worse come into play. 

How many times has it been said that men need to have sex on a regular basis? What about women who, in order to be in a good mood, need to have sex and let off steam? Not that long ago hysteria was “created”, a supposed women’s disease whose cure was an orgasm produced by a doctor’s genital massage.

But how much truth is there to these questions? To guess how much of this is true is a complex matter, as there are a multitude of professionals who make a living out of it with extremely opposite positions. Because you also have to take into account how much fun and satisfaction sex with a friend, your partner or a Liverpool escort can bring. So it is difficult not to want to repeat something that you personally like so much. In addition to the physical exercise it involves.

Why do we like sex? What are the benefits?

It seems a physical act, simple and sometimes quite fast, but most of the time it is not only that. It affects and influences biological levels that are somewhat complex to understand. In fact, most of the effects, the human being is not 100% conscious. Some of them for example are:

  • Climax: orgasms are ultimately about intense pleasure that affect and influence all levels of the body and release the hormone known as the hormone of happiness.
  • Physical exercise: burns calories (between 70-100 on average depending on intensity, gender and duration). It also helps to strengthen all the pelvic floor muscles, among others. These are responsible for supporting the organs and controlling the bladder and the dreaded urine leakage. 
  • Emotion: reduces stress, boosts self-esteem, increases confidence, feeling wanted or desired, wanting to look good.
  • Health: lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, improves rest and even helps prevent cancer to some extent among other things.
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Is it easy to achieve?

Apps and specialised websites, social networks, going out with friends, gyms… Both the classic and the most current strategies to meet people who may have the same interests are valid and useful. 

But, despite the different options and possibilities available today, there are still some who do not succeed. It depends on what you are looking for: just sex, like the one you can enjoy with the call girls in Singapore, or something else?

In the end, desire and desire to have sex are related to personality, biological and social issues. As in everything else, there is no clear answer to whether it is possible to live without sex. Rather, there are those who can and those who cannot. But that does not mean that it is better or worse. In case of need, you can always turn to yourself or even to a toy or accessory that substitutes a partner at an anatomical level. And even if it is not exactly a person as such to interact with, it fulfils the function, doesn’t it?

Fdo.: Deborah Salas

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